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Biden’s Defiling Of Easter Sunday With An Imaginary Transgender Holiday Was A Punitive Decision


In a revolting display of ideological lunacy and pandering of the worst kind, the Biden administration issued a statement celebrating March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” You might have noticed that March 31 was also Easter Sunday. It’s not as though the Biden administration didn’t realize this imaginary holiday was going to coincide with Easter this year. Despite the rapidly deteriorating mental state of a man who wasn’t that sharp to begin with, Joe Biden probably remembers that this is an election year and he’s running for president.

Just a decade or two ago, this kind of thing would be seen as a blunder of epic proportions. Conventional wisdom suggests that total disregard for one of Christianity’s most sacred days would be deeply offensive to millions of Americans, many of whom any given presidential candidate would need support from to win a presidential election.

I suppose the fact that the Biden administration chose to do this during an election year might be explained by sheer incompetence. After all, this administration has been a wellspring of bureaucratic ineptitude and ideological zeal, but there’s something else going on here. Because of how easily this mistake could have been avoided, it demonstrates that they simply didn’t care, which speaks to how much progress the left has made in its pursuit of an unbeatable coalition of voters who are either indifferent or hostile toward traditional values, including and especially anything tied to Christianity.

As an increasingly secular Democratic party replaces Christianity with a new creed, it must tread carefully while lurching left without disenfranchising independents and the normal, well-adjusted Americans who still call themselves Democrats. The fact that Democrats have thrown caution to the wind could prove to be a mistake, but it could also be a calculated decision by a party that believes we are approaching a time when the left doesn’t need centrists to win national elections.

Whether their calculation is correct is a question that will be answered in November, but consider who the Democratic party is now largely comprised of. This list includes: disaffected racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities and the guilt-ridden white democrats who infantilize them; naive young people; women who believe that killing their unborn child is the purest form of “freedom;” people who think Donald Trump is a dictator; socialists (who now outnumber capitalists in the democratic party); and a comparatively small percentage of reasonable people who the former groups now overshadow.

Critics of this theory will suggest that “Transgender Day of Visibility” and Easter aren’t mutually exclusive and won’t always fall on the same day, but such obtuse explanations purposefully ignore the fact that the Biden administration knew what they were doing, which leads me to my second point. There’s a punitive component to this decision. This was a nod to the far left and an attack on a demographic despised by the Democratic party. It was, above all else, an indication that America’s traditions are crumbling and being replaced by the tenets of leftism, and anyone unwilling to convert must be punished and humiliated.  

Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic, but self-assessment has limited utility in deciding who is and who isn’t a Christian. At the risk of declaring myself an arbiter, I can say with certainty that anyone who believes a man can become a woman or believes that a mother has an unbridled “right” to kill her child up until the moment of birth is not a Christian in any sense of the word. If they are, then Christianity is now a meaningless concept — an empty husk to be filled with whatever the left believes is fashionable until it bears no resemblance to its origins.  

It’s never been more obvious that the left hates this country. They hate its people, which is why they’re replacing them. They hate its values and traditions, which is why they defile them. If America is still salvageable, Joe Biden’s decision to degrade Christians will leave egg on his face come November.  

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