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Olivia Rodrigo Hands Out Free Morning-After Pills To Teenage Concertgoers


Pop star Olivia Rodrigo handed out free Plan B pills, provided by the Missouri Abortion Fund, to fans at the St. Louis stop on her “GUTS World Tour.”

In addition to the free abortifacient at her concert, Missouri fans received cards that read “Funding abortion? It’s a good idea, right?” — a play on her song, “bad idea right?”

No, Olivia, it’s quite a bad idea to promote killing preborn children to a largely adolescent, female fanbase.

Rodrigo follows the trend of Gen Z celebrities and influencers whose politics are engrained in their public image. For the “Good 4 U” singer, her dying hill is abortion access.

Rodrigo, in partnership with the National Network of Abortion Funds, created the “Fund 4 Good,” a “global initiative committed to building an equitable and just future for women and girls through direct support of community-based non-profits that champion girls’ education, support reproductive rights and prevent gender-based violence,” according to the site’s homepage.

What kind of message does this send to girls by saying the only way to an “equitable and just future” is to destroy the exclusively female ability to create life?

After every show, the “Vampire” singer encourages fans to donate to the fund. A portion of the proceeds from all ticket sales also go towards abortion access.

Despite isolating an entire portion of the fan base who believe that women’s rights start in the womb, this move is unsurprising as the 21-year-old has an outspoken past in abortion advocacy.

At her Washington, D.C. stop on the 2022 “Sour Tour,” a then 19-year-old Rodrigo seemed to display a fundamental misunderstanding of what the overturning of Roe v. Wade did.

“Because we’re in D.C. I want to say I’m heartbroken after what’s happened here this week about the Supreme Court’s potential decision to overturn abortion. Our bodies should never be in the hands of politicians, I hope we can raise our voices to protect our right, to have a safe abortion.”

Although overturning Roe v. Wade did not take away the constitutionally nonexistent “right” to abortion, the singer did not hold back from trashing conservative Supreme Court justices and dedicating her rendition of “F**k You” to them at the 2022 Glastonbury Music Festival.

In addition to urging her largely underage fanbase to support murder in the womb, the singer has also used her platform to encourage getting the Covid vaccine and boosters, making her a Biden-administration darling.

Olivia Rodrigo, a California native, got her start in acting with a breakout role in the Disney+ High School Musical reboot TV series. Since then, she went on to release the critically acclaimed 2021 album “Sour,” which secured her a Grammy for “Best New Artist.” Her 2023 sophomore follow-up, “GUTS” is met with equal praise. She laments through ballads and pop-rock songs the plights of teenage girlhood.

Update: Abortion funds are no longer being used to provide concertgoers with free Plan B. Variety reports that Rodrigo’s team told the abortion organizations they are no longer allowed to provide the abortifacient due to “widespread media attention.” The organizations are also no longer allowed to hand out condoms and lubrication. Jade Hurley, communications manager for the DC Abortion Fund, claimed that Rodrigo’s team and the National Network of Abortion Funds made this decision because “children are present at the concerts,” despite the well-known fact that children would be present at the event beforehand.

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