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Democrats React To Biden’s State Of The Union: See? He’s Not Mentally Handicapped, Just A Bad President!

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Joe Biden mustered the energy to give a speech that at least buys Democrats a little more time to deny the obvious.


All you need to know about Joe Biden’s hopped up State of the Union address, delivered Thursday night through the tightest squint I’ve ever seen, is that after it was over, Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler waddled over to the president to say, “Nobody’s going to talk about cognitive impairment now!”

I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly the confidence boost I want after performing a job as intellectually and physically exhausting as reading a speech.

I tell ya, Eddie, you really put all those worries about your mental disability to rest!

There was never a doubt Biden would be able to muster enough stamina to hack and holler through a speech in front of hundreds of Democrats who were instructed by party leadership to thunderously applaud each line as though they were staring at the sexiest man alive. What was unknown was whether this would be the public appearance that goes so poorly that even Democrats are forced to plumb their inky hearts to find an ounce of patriotism to allow them to acknowledge the obvious.

Biden has repeatedly shown he can give a stink eye for an hour or so once every six months on live national television while shouting some remarks, buying Democrats and the media a little more time to pretend this fossilized dementia outpatient is sharp as a tack. Then he invariably toddles back to the White House in his orthopedic shoes, where he rests and molts, largely away from the average voter’s gaze.

Biden is scheduled for some immediate campaign travel. Most people won’t see it, but rest assured that he will have reverted back to his ambling, hoary self.

Otherwise, nothing about the State of the Union was remarkable. While Democrats still went on TV to laughably herald the president’s barking performance as the picture of virile masculinity, at least they didn’t have to lie too, too hard.

There was no indication in the speech that Biden plans to do anything different between now and Election Day, so any benefit he receives from voter sentiment will certainly be short-lived and purely due to their perception Biden must have said something smart. He didn’t. You can all go home now.

Now, if you want to talk about the wildly entertaining (among other things) Republican rebuttal by Alabama Sen. Katie Britt— oh boy! That was truly something.

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