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Yes, Biden Has Worked Tirelessly To ‘Shame,’ ‘Silence,’ And ‘Demoralize’ Faithful Christians

‘Ultimately, the radical left is coming after all of us, because they know that our allegiance is not to them — our allegiance is to our country and to our Creator.’


“The left is trying to shame Christians, to silence you, demoralize you, and keep you out of politics. But Christians cannot afford to sit on the sidelines in this fight. … Ultimately, the radical left is coming after all of us, because they know that our allegiance is not to them — our allegiance is to our country and to our Creator.”

The remarks from former President Donald Trump during the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on Thursday will likely generate scoffs and eye rolls from members of America’s corrupt media. But for millions of faithful Christians throughout the country, the former president’s comments contain bold truths the left will brush aside as “conspiracy theories.” That is, since taking office, President Joe Biden and his regime apparatchiks are hellbent on persecuting conservative Christians who defy their extremist agenda.

Weaponization of Government

Despite casting himself as a devoted Catholic, Biden has presided over what has arguably been the most antagonistic administration toward faithful Christians in the modern era.

In January 2023, for example, the FBI issued a memo revealing that the agency’s field office in Richmond, Virginia, was tasked with investigating the alleged threat of “white supremacy” among Catholics who attend Latin Mass. As Evita Duffy-Alfonso previously wrote in these pages, the memo said the FBI “may potentially mitigate” the supposed “threat” of “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” with “’tripwire and source development,’ which means further infiltration into Catholic communities using various kinds of informants.”

While FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed during congressional testimony that the memo was “a single product by a single field office,” House Republicans later uncovered that multiple FBI field offices were involved in the document’s creation, including those in Los Angeles and Portland.

But the Biden administration’s weaponization of government agencies against Christians doesn’t stop there. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has egregiously attempted to imprison Christians for publicly expressing their faith.

In October 2022, the agency charged six pro-lifers under the unconstitutional Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Their crime? Peacefully praying, reading the Bible, and singing hymns in the hallway of an abortion facility in Nashville, Tennessee. A federal jury convicted these individuals last month. Participants such as Paul Vaughn could face up to 11 years in prison and $260,000 in fines should his likely decision to appeal the charges fail.

Meanwhile, Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other agencies have been busy harassing the largest Christian college in America. In December, the FTC filed a lawsuit against Grand Canyon University, alleging the school, “its marketer Grand Canyon Education, Inc. and its president and CEO Brian Mueller … used deceptive advertising and engaged in illegal telemarketing,” according to Fox Business. The lawsuit came several weeks after the Biden Department of Education fined GCU $37.7 million for allegedly lying to “over 7,500 former and current students about the cost of its doctoral programs over several years.”

Mueller previously told The Federalist he believes the administration’s targeting of GCU is “obviously political” and an act of retaliation for the university suing the Education Department over its nonprofit status.

Biden’s Foul Mouth

In addition to signing legislation that assists leftist lawfare against Christians and religious organizations that uphold the true meaning of marriage, Biden has also used his presidency as a bully pulpit to condemn court decisions defending religious freedom.

For example, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that the government cannot force Americans and private businesses to provide services (i.e. personal expression) that violate their religious beliefs, such as the traditional view that marriage is between one man and one woman. In an attempt to undermine, Biden issued a statement attacking the court and affirming his belief that the state should be able to force religious worshippers to violate their sincerely held beliefs to cater to radical LGBT activists.

Funny how Biden wasn’t as interested in using his platform to draw attention to the horrific shooting at a Christian school in Nashville last year, in which a woman pretending to be a man killed three children and three adults. Biden not only declined to visit the families of the victims, but it’s also unclear if the president even bothered to call these families to offer his condolences. Worse, in the aftermath of the shooting, the White House attempted to victimize the shooter by claiming the so-called “trans community” was “under attack.”

While the FBI and local law enforcement have kept the shooter’s manifesto hidden from the public, alleged pages from the document released in November indicate the trans-identifying shooter targeted the Christian Covenant School children because they are white.

History Repeats Itself

Biden’s actions are egregious but not surprising. Throughout Scripture, Jesus makes clear that Christians will be persecuted for following him, for the world “hated [him] before it hated [us]” and we “are not of the world” (John 15:18-19). Christians are guaranteed suffering, whether in our private lives or from an authoritarian government attempting to squash Americans’ religious freedoms.

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Biden and his regime’s ongoing war against Christians is just history repeating itself. Those who follow God and His Word will be targeted, harassed, attacked, and worse. Whatever barbaric actions the administration may take next, it is incumbent upon all Christians to pick up their crosses and follow Christ, for his graciousness is greater than the suffering endured in this world.

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