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Biden Calls Texas Stopping Border Illegals In Eagle Pass ‘Blocking Enforcement’

Razor wire along the Rio Grande in TX
Image CreditKCENNews/YouTube

The Biden administration’s real fear was always that Texas would keep Border Patrol from executing top-down catch-and-release orders.


The Biden administration blamed Texas for interfering with border enforcement by stationing its National Guard along the Rio Grande while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s self-defense strategy is reducing illegal border crossings in parts of Eagle Pass by the thousands.

“The area where we have occupied this park in Eagle Pass, Texas, that we put up the razor wire, there used to be 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing that area a day. For the past three days, we’ve averaged just three people crossing that area,” Abbott confirmed Sunday to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

While data on this section of the large U.S. southern border only represents a small portion of the record-breaking number of illegal immigrations making their way into Texas, it also shows the Lone Star State’s effectiveness in slowing the influx of those crossers into certain high-traffic areas like Shelby Park. Less than two months ago, more than 14,000 illegal border crossers per day were recorded using Eagle Pass as their entry point to the United States.

In a filing to the Supreme Court last month, Biden’s Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar asserted Texas was attempting “to block Border Patrol’s ability to patrol or even to surveil the border and be in a position to respond to emergencies.”

A few days later, Department of Homeland Security counsel Jonathan Meyer followed with a cease-and-desist letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton again claiming that the Texas National Guard’s seizure of Shelby Park has “impeded operations of the Border Patrol.”

The Biden White House and its allies in the corporate media amplified these accusations and even used them to fuel lies that Lone Star State law enforcement is responsible for the death of three migrants even though they were not informed of the drownings until after they happened.

The Biden administration was never truly worried about Texas hindering border security. If it were, the White House wouldn’t have pushed so hard to keep Texas law enforcement out of Eagle Pass. It certainly wouldn’t have celebrated when the Supreme Court ruled Border Patrol could cut concertina wire erected by state agents.

The Biden administration’s primary concern since the beginning of the ongoing Eagle Pass standoff was always that the Lone Star State’s National Guard, and the many states that offered their own support to Texas, would keep Border Patrol agents from executing top-down orders to “process” and then release illegal border crossers into the United States by the millions.

Since day one, President Joe Biden has worked to gut every policy aimed at keeping our border safe and secure. Thanks to his endorsement of the biggest invasion this country has ever seen, illegal border crossers are pouring into the United States by unprecedented millions.

While it’s true that Abbott’s border actions over the last few years have largely amounted to security theater, his recent self-defense stand has further exposed the Biden administration’s true motivations for a vulnerable border.

This article has been corrected since publication.

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