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Nobody Needs Testing To Prove Hailey Davidson Shouldn’t Compete Against Women

Men with low testosterone are not women. Yet they are allowed to cheat victories away from hardworking female athletes.


A male golfer is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of joining the prestigious Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) after winning first place in a mini-qualifying women’s tournament in Florida.

James Scott Davidson, a man masquerading as a woman under the name Hailey Davidson, won the NXXT Women’s Classic on Wednesday after he outscored dozens of female professional golfers and made it into the winning playoff. Photos of the competition at the Mission Inn Resort and Club outside of Orlando show Davidson posing with a trophy between two female competitors.

Thanks to his victory, Davidson now leads the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour scoreboard by 150 points. Since he began competing against women in 2021 after being deemed eligible due to years of castration drugs and genital mutilation, Davidson raked in thousands of dollars in prize money.

His hijacking of a tournament designed to highlight the achievements of female professional golfers elicited pushback from Americans, a majority of whom oppose men infiltrating women’s sports. NXXT CEO Stuart McKinnon tried to quell public outrage with a long statement explaining Davidson meets the LPGA and USGA guidelines for transgender athletes.

“The recent discussions surrounding Hailey Davidson’s participation and success on our tour have highlighted a range of viewpoints. The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour acknowledges these perspectives while emphasizing that our policies and decisions are guided by the frameworks set by the LPGA and USGA. Our primary focus remains on supporting our players’ aspirations and contributing to their journey towards the LPGA,” he wrote.

McKinnon concluded with a pledge to ask Davidson to “undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance with the appropriate guidelines.” NXXT, as McKinnon wrote, was created “to elevate women’s golf, providing increased exposure and equitable opportunities.”

Like many other international and national sports associations, however, NXXT has sacrificed that goal to accommodate transgender ideology. Studies show eliminating just testosterone as the advantaged genetic factor that sets males apart from females does not ensure physical equality in sex-based competitions.

Allowing men, who have a distinct biological advantage over women, to compete simply because they have artificially deflated their male hormones does not create an “inclusive and nurturing environment for all members,” as McKinnon claims. Instead, it masks the true disadvantages that manifest if a woman’s tournament spot is handed to a man.

McKinnon says he plans to survey NXXT tour players about its “gender policy” because “We believe it is vital to consider the perspectives of those directly affected by these policies.” Everything he needs to know about the harm caused by allowing men to compete against women, however, is already common knowledge.

Hormone shifts, artificial or pubescent, don’t define someone’s sex. Becoming male or female is decided at conception. No amount of chemical or physical tampering can change the defining chromosomes found in DNA.

Men have a scientifically proven, distinct, and undeniable physical advantage over women in every sport except long-distance swimming. Abandoning the truth about that upper hand doesn’t meet NXXT’s “equitable” or “inclusive” aims. In reality, it’s an injustice to the professional female golfers who now have to work overtime to beat a man so they can secure a spot in the LPGA.

Banning men from competing against women should be an easy putt for McKinnon, who boasts of empowering professional female golfers like his daughter. Instead, it’s become yet another disguise used to cover up NXXT’s blatant rejection of biology in service to Democrats.

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