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Corrupt Media Use ‘Misinformation’ Smears To Fuel Democrats’ ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Campaign


Corporate media falsely accused former President Donald Trump of spreading “misinformation” about Democrat voters’ sneaky plan to “infiltrate” the New Hampshire primary and cast their ballots for former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. The propaganda press’ latest lying campaign may look like another attempt to undermine Trump’s credibility, but it’s really a strategy to justify Big Tech censorship and elicit punishment for the leading presidential candidate in court.

“Nikki Haley in particular is counting on the Democrats and liberals to infiltrate your Republican primary. You know that. That’s what’s happening,” Trump said during his remarks in Atkinson, New Hampshire earlier this week. “They have a group of people coming in that are not Republicans and it’s artificially boosting her numbers here although we’re still leading her by a lot.”

Trump is right. Thousands of Democrat voters have taken advantage of New Hampshire’s loose voter registration requirements to throw their weight behind Haley.

Yet, CBS claimed Trump’s speech was littered with “falsehoods.” Even after admitting thousands of Democrat voters changed their registration to undeclared or Republican ahead of the primary, the outlet went so far as to dub “Trump’s closing argument” as “misinformation.”

“Trump’s rhetoric in New Hampshire is the latest example of his embrace of falsehoods and mis- and disinformation surrounding voting in the U.S., as he continues to claim that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ from him.”

The “fact checkers” at CNN also accused Trump of “peddling false claims” in an attempt to “blunt Nikki Haley’s momentum in the state.”

“Registered Democrats can’t participate in the New Hampshire GOP primary. Only Republicans and independents can vote in the Republican contest,” CNN insisted before claiming Trump has a “well-documented history of lying about elections.”

Corporate media are not ignorant of the Democrat schemes going into the 2024 primary season.

The New York Times published an article last week claiming Haley “Has the Attention of Democrats and Independents.” The publication listed several voters who said they switched their party affiliation to the GOP in hopes of drawing votes away from Trump and toward Haley.

In Iowa, half of Haley’s voters said they would choose President Joe Biden over Trump in a general election. Despite Democrats’ attempts to scramble the caucuses, Haley only won one county in the Hawkeye State.

Without Democrats’ dollars and support at the polls, Haley wouldn’t have won third place on Tuesday night. Since “actual Republicans want nothing to do with Nikki Haley,” she may not even still be in the 2024 race.

Corporate media know this but continue leaning into “misinformation” rhetoric about Trump because they know it has a proven record of helping them achieve their political goals.

In 2020, corporate media used a letter orchestrated by then-Biden campaign senior adviser Antony Blinken and circulated by the CIA falsely deeming Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation” as an excuse to ignore and subdue Biden family corruption allegations. Outlets also scorned conservative media for reporting on the laptop as legitimate and cheered Big Tech’s censorship of the influence-peddling bombshell. The propaganda press’ election meddling directly affected the 2020 election outcome.

Corrupt corporate media similarly interfered in the 2016 election when, despite possessing no evidence of collusion, outlets peddled a scheme hatched by Clinton campaign operatives to smear Trump as a Russian operative. Trump’s penchant for calling out the fake news media was memory-holed and mocked for the remainder of his presidency.

The press’ fixation on smearing Trump’s accurate assessment of voter registration in New Hampshire isn’t about setting the record straight or even giving Haley a boost. It’s about garnering enough publicity to catch the attention of the Democrat prosecutors and judges running the “Get Trump” lawfare campaign.

Already, Trump has been gagged and fined for trying to speak up about the corruption and fake news plaguing the 2024 election. Nothing would make Democrats and their allies in the corporate media or Big Tech happier than another excuse to silence their political enemies for spewing what they deem “misinformation” the remainder of the election cycle.

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