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Sick Of Plastic Junk? Try These Kid-Friendly Christmas Gifts Instead

The littlest people on your list will appreciate a thoughtfully selected gift, and they deserve better than what big box stores offer.


If you survived the assault of post-Thanksgiving marketing without checking off every person on your gift list, The Federalist has you covered. 

Shopping for a child is a deceptively difficult task. Kids will love anything you get them, right? It’s actually not so easy. They might be at the age where they enjoy playing with the box it came in more than the gift itself. 

Nonetheless, the littlest people on your list will appreciate (albeit sometimes temporarily) a thoughtfully selected gift, and they deserve better than what Amazon and big box stores have to offer.

Rather than overspending on the electronic plastic junk, opt for these stunning, thoughtful, and whimsical gifts for the children in your life that can be treasured for years to come. 

1. Classics Book Bundle

Books are always a wonderful gift for any age. For the littles, a set of beautiful classics will instill in its readers a love of reading, which is a virtue in our digital world. You can shop around for the perfect set for your little one based on their interests and what they might already have in their library.

2. Personalized Busy Board

Busy boards are the perfect companion for car rides, waiting rooms, and playtime without introducing an electronic addiction into a child’s life. Blending both fun and education, a busy board will keep your little one entertained while training their minds. This one comes in a variety of colors and can be personalized to add an adorable personal touch. 

3. A Tea Set

This wooden tea set from Etsy is a charming gift for any little girl. Complete with a serving tray, teapot with lid, creamer, two spoons, two saucers, a cake plate, doughnut and macaron treats, a tea bag, and a lemon slice, this gift will provide an avenue for imaginative play while practicing manners. 

4. A Bow and Arrow Set

Allow them to channel their inner Robin Hood with this adventurous gift. Not only will this beautifully made wooden archery set be a fun activity that allows them to work on their motor skills and patience, but it will also provide hours of fun.

5. A Book With His or Her Name in the Title

When we were little, my aunt always gifted my sisters and me books that featured our names in the title. For some reason, it was always a thrill to see my name written on the pages. This might be a difficult task depending on the name, but as an Emma, I always had plenty. Some of my favorites are Olivia, Madeline, and Max from Max and Ruby, but there are countless other books that can be found with a quick Google search.

6. Chef Apron and Hat Set

Kids already love helping out around the house, so why not give them a fun outfit to don while they do it? This animal-themed chef apron and hat set will not only look adorable on any child as they carefully try to measure a cup of flour for your Christmas cookies, but it could inspire in them a love of new foods and cooking. Bonus points if you’re brave enough to get this beginner knife set for children, complete with a hand guard and other safety features to instill safe knife skills at an early age.

7. Bowling Set

This beautiful plush bowling set can provide great indoor or outdoor fun for little ones. The uniquely patterned pins and wooden ball fit nicely in a carrying case making it a portable source of amusement for a group or a single child.

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