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Colleges Didn’t Turn Kids Into Hamas Sympathizers, They Finished What Started In Kindergarten

Students lean on emotional bullying tactics because those methods were meticulously woven into their curricula and classrooms.


A viral video shows several anti-Israel demonstrators at Harvard University, including an alleged editor of the Harvard Law Review, accosting a presumably Jewish student during an Oct. 18 “die-in” protesting Israel’s retaliation against Hamas.

Footage of the confrontation shows the terrorist-sympathizing students surrounding the man with Keffiyehs — garb associated with the pro-Palestine movement’s desire to fight Israel — and yelling “exit” and “shame.”

In an article littered with corrections like “A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Israel had declared war on Gaza” when “In fact, Israel declared war on Hamas,” Harvard’s student-led newspaper the Harvard Crimson tried to convince readers that the man was simply “escorted out by protest organizers” after he tried to film the event.

The article concluded with a statement from the demonstration organizers at the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee who claimed they “regret” not their actions but “the presence of counter-protesters at the protest and die-in.”

It wasn’t until a week after the incident that a Harvard official, Dean of the Harvard Business School Srikant Datar, published a statement insisting “there is no place for hateful speech on our campus.” His concerns extended beyond the Jewish students targeted by the demonstrators to anyone on campus in the “Muslim and Arab community” as well.

Datar claimed reports about the viral antisemitic confrontation “have been filed with HUPD and the FBI” but so far, none of the protesters identified in the video have faced public punishment or expulsion from the school.

Scenarios like this one aren’t limited to Ivy League schools. Similar antisemitic scenes are replaying themselves at university campuses nationwide.

The government education system and the bureaucrats who run it are to blame.

Start Them Young

Parents often hear that college will radicalize their children but the path to destruction starts long before FAFSA applications are due.

The activists running the education system don’t just start cranking out intolerant, insufferable bigots — who are right on track to become the little tyrants of tomorrow — when they turn 18. They have successfully infiltrated even “the most prestigious” of high school programs.

Scenes from the National Speech and Debate Association finals in 2021 show teens relying solely on emotional bullying to “win” arguments.

Students didn’t discover tactics like those by simply scrolling on TikTok. Those methods were meticulously woven into the curricula and classrooms that dominated their time since they entered kindergarten.

Children as young as 5 years old should be learning phonics, how to read, and basic arithmetic but are instead taught for the next 13 years of their lives to hate each other, hate their country, and hate anyone who disagrees with the ruling class’s preferred narrative. Core educational classes in many states are being rapidly replaced with courses about race, radical LGBT activism, and climate alarmism.

As a result, millions of kids graduating from government education were never taught critical thinking, reasoning, or argument. Instead, they were told crying, gnashing their teeth, and rioting would get them what they wanted without consequence.

In the blink of an eye, students went from using pronouns in their LinkedIn bios to posting black squares on Instagram to demanding universal endorsement of the mutilation of gender-dysphoric children to defending terrorists.

This raucous and inexcusable behavior is not sustainable for personal mental stability or the country, but it continues because it is rewarded.

The adults cranking out little communists are the same ones who turn a blind eye when a Jewish student is surrounded by aggressive Hamas sympathizers. Their slow response, silence, and staunch refusal to punish students for flaunting antisemitic and anti-Western sentiments show that they don’t disagree with the toxicity that’s taken over education.

Pro-Hamas students calling for the end of Israel and Jews won’t be expelled or canceled by the deans and professors running their universities. They will be handed opportunities to expand their activism, fast-tracked into the nation’s top institutions, given awards, and somehow manage to keep failing upward.

If it wasn’t for people like the Accuracy in Media activists who paid a digital billboard truck to display the names and faces of Harvard students who signed a statement blaming Israel for Hamas’ brutal attack, or the University of California, Berkeley law professor who urged employers not to hire his antisemitic students and top U.S. law firms that swore they wouldn’t, some of these young adults would face no consequences for their actions at all.

For the first time, students who grew up in bubbles carefully constructed by the activists running education are facing pushback for their egregious actions. That’s not cancel culture, as some in the corporate media have claimed, that’s just accountability.

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