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Why Is The RNC Inviting NBC News Propagandists To Co-Host Next GOP Presidential Debate?


The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Monday it’s teaming up with leftist NBC News for next month’s GOP presidential primary debate in Miami.

According to an RNC press release, NBC News will co-host the third debate alongside the Republican Jewish Coalition, Salem Radio Network, and Rumble. As with previous 2024 GOP presidential debates, the Nov. 8 event will be livestreamed on Rumble.

“The partners for our third debate will offer our candidates an excellent opportunity to meet the moment and contrast their plans and vision with the failures of the Biden White House,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel claimed in a statement.

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While moderators for next month’s debate have yet to be announced, it’s baffling why the RNC picked NBC News — a far-left outlet — to be a co-host for the November event. Contrary to the latter half of its name, NBC News has engaged in political activism on behalf of Democrats for years.

Just this summer, the so-called “news” organization got busted running interference for LGBT demonstrators who were caught chanting “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” In an attempt to downplay the threatening chant, NBC News published an article and accompanying tweet baselessly claiming the phrase “has been used for years at Pride events” and repeating accusations from LGBT activists that “right-wing[ers]” were using the incident to “further stigmatize the queer community.”

NBC News has also been instrumental in pushing Democrats’ debunked Trump-Russia collusion hoax, promoting baseless rape allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and covering up President Joe Biden’s family influence-peddling scheme.

As if NBC’s “news” coverage from the last several years wasn’t bad enough, the outlet’s prior attempts at moderating presidential debates offer further indication of its extreme left-wing partisanship. During the 2016 GOP presidential primary cycle, for example, CNBC’s then-Editor-at-Large John Harwood — a Democrat Party mouthpiece — was gifted the opportunity of moderating the October 2015 primary debate.

Instead of moderating the event in an objective manner, Harwood cut off Republican candidates in the middle of their responses and promoted leftist talking points. At one point, Harwood asked Donald Trump if he was running a “comic book version of a presidential campaign.” He also interrupted former New York Gov. George Pataki to claim the U.S. economy under then-President Obama was the “strongest in the world.”

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