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Americans Can’t Trust The D.C. Establishment To Identify True Chaos — Only To Create It

I could go on and on about the chaos that’s been visited upon Americans by a corrupt D.C. establishment, but the ousting of a House speaker doesn’t rank on the list.


The surprising ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., as speaker of the House deeply alarmed the Washington, D.C., establishment. While many Republican congressional leaders have lost their positions, it was the first time such a removal occurred via a motion to vacate the chair.

The outrage was directed less at the 208 Democrats who voted to remove McCarthy and more at the eight Republicans who did. The media and other permanent Beltway inhabitants asserted that American life itself was thrown into chaos by the vote.

“Kevin McCarthy voted out: How the House chaos affects you,” promised Yahoo! News‘ Christopher Wilson, who asserted the use of an official parliamentary procedure to vacate the chair was somehow a “degradation of American democracy.”

“Kevin McCarthy’s sacking deepens the chaos in American government,” editorialized The Economist. Meanwhile, ABC News‘ Rick Klein went with, “MAGA-inspired House rebellion against McCarthy leaves chaos on Capitol Hill.”

Over at The Washington Post, Dan Balz opined, “By voting to expel Kevin McCarthy as House speaker, Republicans ground the work of Congress to a halt and revealed the danger of governing by chaos.”

The “chaos” talking point regurgitated by the media originated with Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., whose letter to colleagues claimed that House Republicans “unleashed chaos, dysfunction and extremism on hardworking American taxpayers.”

It all reminds me of this absurd scene in the 1980s film sequel “Airplane II,” when a space plane shuttling a cabin of passengers to the moon short circuits and gets knocked a “tad” off course, sending it hurtling toward the sun. A flight attendant alerts the passengers of this misfortune, plus news of asteroids ramming into the ship and the fact that the defunct navigational system means they can’t change course, to which they quietly fret to their seatmates. It’s only when she reveals the shuttle is also “out of coffee,” that full-on panic ensues.

So it goes with the Washington establishment’s blasé response to the chaos inflicted on Americans every day — as opposed to a passing shakeup on Capitol Hill. 

For instance, where were the freakouts when cities across the country devolved into violent crime-ridden cesspools? A years-long, billionaire-funded campaign to install pro-crime district attorneys laid the groundwork for Democrats’ wildly successful “Defund the Police” initiative amid Black Lives Matter riots and race-baiting. That’s pretty chaotic.

The country’s southern border is wide open to the trafficking of humans and drugs. Nearly 7 million illegal border crossings have occurred under the Biden administration that we know of. The mass invasion is overwhelming border towns that bear the brunt of the government-orchestrated influx. Even Democrat strongholds such as New York City and Chicago are begging for relief from the influx of illegal immigrants. That’s pretty chaotic.

Heck, trips to grocery stores have gotten chaotic for most Americans, who are watching their paychecks get eaten up by skyrocketing prices and shrinking packages. People can’t buy cars. They can’t buy or sell homes because of mortgage rates. Democrats suppressed energy production, then squandered the country’s strategic petroleum reserve for electoral gain. For many Americans, this feels chaotic.

Democrats cheered on nationwide riots in 2020 that cost billions of dollars and killed dozens of people. The rioters attacked the White House, a federal courthouse, scores of monuments, and hundreds of businesses. While little to nothing was done to stop this, when supporters of a Republican rioted at the Capitol, the Department of Justice launched its most comprehensive political prosecutions to date, rounding up everyone they could and charging them with major crimes. Democrat prosecutors up and down the Eastern Seaboard are trying to imprison the former president — their top political opponent — and seize all of his assets for made-up crimes. They’re acting like cartoon villains from the Soviet Union or Third World dictatorships. That’s pretty chaotic.

What Democrats did to change hundreds of election laws and processes in 2020 was chaotic. They changed the law to allow tens of millions of unsupervised ballots to flood into the electoral system at the same time they decreased scrutiny of those ballots. One of the world’s wealthiest men took over government election offices in the blue areas of swing states to secure the election of his favored candidate. Tech companies conspired with left-wing bureaucrats to censor American speech and debate, in clear violation of the First Amendment. Chaotic!

Democrats put the country through an impeachment because the former president asked questions about a now-indisputable influence-peddling scheme run by the current president’s family in Ukraine. Few in the permanent D.C. establishment accused Democrats of governing by chaos.

Federal public health officials lost the trust of most thinking Americans during the Covid pandemic response, lying about the origins of the virus and the proper response to it. The country was shut down by government force. Churches, businesses, and schools were forbidden to open. The government worked with social media companies to censor public speech and debate that contradicted official government messaging. That felt pretty chaotic.

I could go on and on and on about the chaos that has been visited upon the American people by a corrupt D.C. establishment. But the ousting of a speaker of the House, surprising as it was, almost certainly doesn’t rank on the list.

The Real Commander-in-Chaos

In The Washington Post rant mentioned above, Dan Balz asserted, “Trump put governing by chaos on steroids (if one can call what he did governing).” In fact, most sane Americans look back at the secure border, the thriving economy, the pushback against an increasingly deranged left, and the prevention of war not just as highly effective governing but as an attempt to keep chaos from harming Americans.

Obviously, people associate Trump with chaos. But a significant portion of that chaos was the result of how the corporate media covered the man. For example, Balz’s Washington Post successfully pushed chaos on the previous administration, such as when it ran the Russia-collusion scam, the lie that Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

By contrast, the corporate media worked overtime to claim — all evidence to the contrary — that Joseph Biden was a sober, serious person who would restore credibility to the U.S. abroad.

When The New York Times endorsed Joe Biden for president, it effusively praised him in ways that were lies at the time they were written, but look even worse after a historically awful presidency.

“In the midst of unrelenting chaos, Mr. Biden is offering an anxious, exhausted nation something beyond policy or ideology. His campaign is rooted in steadiness, experience, compassion and decency,” the Times asserted. The Times said Biden “has an unusually rich grasp of and experience in foreign policy” that would help with “the task of repairing the enormous damage inflicted on America’s global reputation.” The endorsement bragged that “he has the backing of a who’s who of the foreign policy community and national security officials from both parties.”

Since he took office, Biden botched the much-needed withdrawal from 20 years of war in Afghanistan, allowing Americans to be killed, Afghan helpers to be left to die, and massive amounts of military equipment to be left behind that has since found its way to global hotspots.

Biden’s weakness allowed Putin to continue his efforts to take over Ukraine, something he paused during the supposedly chaotic Trump administration but initiated under President Obama. Biden has since gotten the U.S. embroiled in a massive and devastating proxy war that has resulted in half a million casualties. The U.S.-led funding operation for the war has not produced effective pushback against Russia. Indeed, there appears to be no strategy for the U.S. involvement other than to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

And as of this weekend, Biden’s Iran strategy was shown to be one of the most horrific foreign policy blunders of our age. Biden returned to the Obama-era strategy of strengthening Iran and enabling it to dominate the region. As Robert Malley, Obama’s lead negotiator for the Iran deal, said, America will partner with Iran to “find a more stable balance of power that would make [the Middle East] less dependent on direct U.S. interference or protection.” Malley was in the news recently for helping get an Iranian agent into the Pentagon, where she served as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations.

Biden has championed Iran, sent it money, given money to Palestinians, undermined Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and aided Iran in numerous ways. The administration’s goal of blowing up the Abraham Accords, the Trump-negotiated peace agreements to strengthen Israel and its non-Iranian neighbors, may have succeeded with this weekend’s horrific attack on Israeli civilians. 

Americans cannot trust the permanent D.C. political and media classes to identify true crises, only to create them with their made-up reporting and hysteria.

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