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Eric Adams Doesn’t Need A Mexico Vacation To Understand The Migrant Wreckage In His City

Eric Adams' migration segment
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Like his mom, Kamala Harris, New York Mayor Eric Adams is making busy work for himself with a nice little taxpayer-funded trip to Latin America, he says, to “start the process of understanding the flow of migrants here.”

This is like telling your boss that you need extra PTO so that you can start the process of understanding why children would rather eat candy and stay up late.

There’s no mystery to solve here, no less one that involves a jaunt to a tropical destination with nice beach weather and fresh guacamole. (Hope you packed your speedo, Mr. Mayor!) All of the world’s destitute are coming here, especially to places like New York, because Democrats, along with a whole lot of Republicans, invited them. And not only were they invited, but they’ve been promised a lot of free stuff to sweeten the pot!

In New York, it’s literally written into law that everyone in the city is entitled to housing. Unfortunately for the unabated influx of migrants arriving — 600 per day, 4,200 per week — the city has run out of shelter space. A luxury hotel in the heart of Manhattan will have to do!

I’m aware that some of the hundreds of thousands of migrants hurling themselves across the Southern border annually simply hope that they can find jobs. But I also read The New York Times, including an article earlier this year quoting a 31-year-old Venezuelan migrant who made it to a shelter in Texas with her baby and said, “We will seek assistance for now, because we have no money and no choice.”

I also read The Washington Post, including an article that ran a month after Joe Biden was inaugurated, which said, “Biden’s 2020 election victory drew cheers from migrants stranded in squalid, freezing refugee camps in Mexico, and some rushed across a bridge in the border city of El Paso while chanting his name.” Biden campaigned on reversing every one of his predecessor’s attempts to halt the flow of migrants. He executed that promise immediately after being sworn in.

Biden, September 2019: “We’re a nation that says, ‘If you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.'”

It’s not a coincidence. Democrats, the president of the United States no less, told them all to come here and that we’ve got plenty of room, food, and money to spare. (Plenty of your room, food, and money, that is.) So they came looking for room, food, and money. Why wouldn’t they?

A popular and patently ridiculous refrain during the Trump years was that illegal immigrants don’t consume a cent in public assistance, but of course they do. They all have children, or someone they know has children, and all children in the U.S., regardless of citizenship, are effectively entitled to free education, free food, and free housing. Kids don’t live on their own. Somebody has to care for them. Guess who’s moving in and raiding the fridge.

Here’s an experiment Eric Adams can run to help it make sense: He can tell all of New York City that he’s having an open-house party at his residence and that everything is on the house. See who shows up. I can promise him it won’t be the same crowd he usually mingles with at the members-only nightclubs.

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