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Here Are The 7 Best One-Liners From Trump’s Michigan Speech

Trump’s candor was well received by the crowd which eagerly cheered on the leading Republican and booed President Joe Biden.


While Republican presidential candidates prepped to criticize each other on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library debate stage Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump was commanding a different stage outside of Detroit.

For the second time this cycle, Trump opted out of the formalities so that he could speak directly to the American people. His candor was well received by the United Auto Workers at Drake Enterprises who eagerly cheered on the leading Republican candidate and booed President Joe Biden.

Here are the best one-liners from Trump’s Michigan speech.

Posing At The Picket Line

Mere minutes into his speech, Trump poked fun at Biden for his last-minute, performative trip to the UAW picket line.

“Yesterday, Biden came to Michigan to pose for photos at the picket line but it’s his policies that send Michigan auto workers to the unemployment line,” Trump quipped.

Trump noted that Biden rushed to The Wolverine State after he discovered his number one political rival planned to make a visit.

“Did you notice he spoke for what – a few seconds? And he had absolutely no idea what he was saying. He didn’t know where he was,” Trump said.

Joe’s Dirty Hands

Hour after House Republicans released even more evidence of Biden’s role in a foreign influence peddling scheme, Trump called out the Democrat’s corruption with one scathing zinger.

“The only time Joe Biden has ever gotten his hands dirty is when he taking cash from foreign countries,” Trump declared.

Earlier in the night, Trump called Biden the “most corrupt and incompetent” president the nation has ever had.

“Joe Biden only cares about enriching his own family. I care about enriching your family. That’s why I did this,” Trump explained.

The White House’s ‘Wretched Old Vulture’

Gone are the days of Trump referring to Biden as “sleepy Joe,” here are the days of calling the 80-year-old a“wretched old vulture.”

“Crooked Joe Biden is back like a wretched old vulture trying to finish off his prey,” Trump said before noting that the Democrat’s electric vehicle mandate is killing American jobs.

The Republican Debate

Trump may have skipped the Republican presidential debate, but he didn’t skip his chance to make a public jab at every person on the Reagan Library stage.

“You know, we’re competing with the job candidates. They are all running for a job,” Trump. “They’re all job candidates. They’ll do anything. Secretary of something.”

Trump even threw shade at his former Vice President Mike Pence.

“They even say VP. I don’t know. Does anybody see any VP in the group? I don’t think so,” Trump said.

Sense And Sensibility

During his speech, Trump rejected claims that he is a “conservative” candidate. Instead, he called himself a “person of common sense.”

“It’s common sense. We want to have a border, we want to have good voting, we want to have same-day voting with all paper ballots, and we want to have a thing called voter ID,” Trump said. “Why did the Democrats not want voter ID? Because they want to cheat.”

Biden vs. The Stage

Trump received quite a few laughs when he joked about locating all of the stairs on his speech stage so he didn’t accidentally lose his way like Biden.

“How the hell does it work that you can find your way off the stage? How does that work? But he can’t,” Trump said.

Trump repeated the Biden senility schtick a few minutes later.

“This guy walks up yesterday looks like he’s going to fall over, standing in front of some people looks like he’s gonna fall over. This is not a leader. The whole world is laughing at us,” Trump said.

Dan Scavino ‘Controls The Internet’

Perhaps Trump’s most random remark was calling his former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino “the most powerful man in politics.”

“He controls the internet,” Trump shouted, gesturing to the social media manager at the back of the room. His comment was met with a collective round of cheers.

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