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Wisconsin Forces Female Inmates To Live With Man Who Raped His 10-Year-Old Daughter

Image CreditGiona Mason / Pexels

Mark Campbell is a registered sex offender convicted of first-degree sexual assault for raping his 10-year-old daughter, but thanks to the state of Wisconsin, he is now housed in a women’s prison in Fond du Lac.

Despite his biology and the heightened threat he poses to women based on the nature of his crime, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections allowed him to be categorized as “FEMALE,” and subsequently to be incarcerated with female inmates at Taycheedah Correctional Institution since August of 2022.

Campbell began serving his 34-year sentence in 2007, and has since been receiving wrong-sex hormones and claiming to be a woman named Nicole. In 2013, he requested a surgical operation to mutilate his male sexual organs to appear more female, and was initially declined for not meeting prerequisites.

In 2016, Campbell sued the Department of Corrections for not allowing him to undergo the procedure, claiming it was an Eighth Amendment violation. In 2019, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that “clearly established law did not require Wisconsin prison officials to provide Campbell with gender-dysphoria treatment beyond hormone therapy.”

But as of December 2020, “a federal judge ruled that Wisconsin must offer Campbell taxpayer-funded transition surgery and move him to a women’s prison while awaiting that surgery,” according to reporting from The Daily Signal.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge James Peterson referred to Campbell by inaccurate female pronouns and argued the disfiguring genital surgery was necessary because Campbell was still “in anguish” thanks to his “gender dysphoria,” even after receiving experimental female hormones on Wisconsin taxpayers’ dime. While he awaits the procedure, the convicted rapist continues to be housed with female inmates.

Campbell’s status as a sex offender isn’t unusual for male inmates with whom female prisoners are forced to live. According to The Daily Signal’s reporting on Wisconsin data, 81 of the 161 male inmates who claim to be transgender have been convicted of “sexual assault or sexual abuse.”

Nor is the trend of leftist localities housing dangerous men with female inmates to appease the pro-transgender agenda of the Democrat Party limited to Wisconsin. A California law passed in 2019 “requires men who say they are women to be housed in women’s prisons.” In both the 116th and 117th Congress, House Democrats overwhelmingly voted for H.R. 5, which sought to bar so-called “discrimination” based on “gender identity” in federal institutions — effectively demanding that men like Campbell be treated as women under the guise of “equality.”

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