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The Best Trump Mugshot Memes Mocking Democrats’ Indictment Frenzy As The Joke It Is

Democrats and the propaganda press intended for Trump’s booking photo to publicly humiliate him. Instead, people can’t get enough of him.


Former President Donald Trump turned himself into the Fulton County jail for booking on Thursday night in what Democrats and corporate media desperately tried to paint as a somber “surrender.” It didn’t take long, however, for his mugshot to steal the spotlight.

Trump immediately posted the photo featuring his instantly iconic glare to X, formerly known as Twitter, and began fundraising off of it. The post, which had raked in more than 1.2 million likes by Friday morning, was the first time Trump used the social media site since the platform banned him in January 2021 and Elon Musk unbanned him in November 2022.

“ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” the accompanying text reads. “NEVER SURRENDER!”

Trump’s return to X certainly made waves but he wasn’t the only one breaking the internet on Thursday night.

Democrats and their propaganda press pawns no doubt intended for Trump’s booking photo to publicly humiliate him. The hordes of Photoshop fiends online, however, were only emboldened.

Dozens of memes poking fun at the deep state’s latest election interference plot are circulating on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here are the best Trump mugshot memes that prove just how silly Democrats’ indictment frenzy really is.

“Fulton County Releases First Official Portrait Of The 47th President Of The United States,” The Babylon Bee’s latest mugshot headline states.

“Me when I pull up to a Chik Fil-A on a Sunday,” Federalist Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland quipped.

Another X user said Trump’s unimpressed scowl is the same look you give “when you get home and see that they didn’t give you any extra sauce.”

One meme masterpiece shows Trump in black and white with laser eyes. The text on the photo reads “retribution.”

The sister edit in that post, which features Trump’s mugshot in front of the infamous “f-ck around and find out graph,” is especially hilarious since Rolling Stone tried — and failed — to use the same format to mock Trump’s fourth indictment.

Several users likened Trump’s booking photo to other iconic mugshots. One meme compared Trump’s photo to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

Another X user remarked, referring to Trump’s cameo in the classic Christmas movie sequel, that his “Home Alone 2 mugshot collection is slowly expanding.”

Someone else threatened to turn Trump’s stern stare into a thermostat tinkering deterrent.

Trump even joined in the fun by reposting a more serious doctored photo of his mugshot surrounded by guns. Among those targeting Trump in the photo are the “fake news,” the “swamp,” the “deep state,” “RINOs,” and “Democrats.”

For a different kind of mugshot content, consider spicing up your playlists with this spin on Kanye West’s hit song “Gold Digger,” which takes aim at Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for her political hackery.

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