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This TikTok Trend About The Trump Indictments Is Fighting The Deep State With Humor

Trump TikTok Trend
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The brazen corruption has not been lost on social media users, and they’re fighting back with a new and hilarious TikTok trend.


Former President Donald Trump is facing four indictments, countless charges, and potentially over a lifetime in prison because President Joe Biden, in collusion with the Department of Justice, is attempting to once again rig the presidential election. The brazen corruption and laughable charges have not been lost on social media users, who are fighting back with a new and hilarious TikTok trend.

Posts are going viral featuring Trump “finding out” he has been indicted for tragedies that are not remotely his fault or fictional transgressions that are so minuscule they wouldn’t warrant a misdemeanor, let alone a federal indictment.

The absurdity of the fake social media indictments highlights the absurdity of the current indictments, which include prosecuting Trump for First Amendmentprotected speech, alleged hush money payments that have reached the statute of limitations, and supposed withholding of presidential documents — documents that Trump had the power to declassify.

Below are ten of the funniest fake Trump indictments TikTokers have come up with:

1. The Death Of Mufasa 

Scar was framed the whole time! Turns out it was Trump who orchestrated the stampede of wildebeests that led to the tragic death of one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time. 

2. Kevin McCallister Being Lost In New York Without His Parents

Trump appears on screen for about 10 seconds in “Home Alone 2,” and even though he was only giving little Kevin McCallister directions, vigilant investigators at the DOJ are convinced Trump has something to do with McCallister’s week-long disappearance.

3. Having 11 Items In The Express Lane

All the other lanes in the checkout aisle were full of moms with their monthly grocery hauls, so an entitled and impatient Trump entered the express lane with 11 items. This is a very serious offense.

4. Turning On The Dome Lights In The Car In 1950 While His Parents Were Driving

Back in 1950, Trump blinded his father by turning on the dome lights in their family vehicle. It’s every tired, driving father’s worst nightmare, and sure to cost Trump years in federal prison.   

5. Not Paying For A 10 Cent Grocery Bag

Sure, charging for plastic bags is just obnoxious corporate greed, but rules are rules and there must be consequences.

6. Wearing White After Labor Day

White after Labor Day is the worst fashion offense you can commit. The prosecution will undoubtedly argue that Trump knew better, given his wife’s fashion expertise and impeccable taste.

7. Not Wearing A Mask While Driving Alone In His Car

It’s true, only psychos wore masks in their cars, but that doesn’t negate the severity of this transgression. Trump disobeyed the orders of his eminence Dr. Fauci, who said that politicians must lead by example (unless, of course, you’re at a baseball game and you don’t know there are cameras pointed at you).

8. Peeking During A Game Of Heads Up Seven Up In 2nd Grade

The Heads Up Seven Up honor system is sacred. Trump’s sentencing should include a written apology to each of the victimized 2nd graders.

9. Indicted For Being Indicted

The DOJ is so appalled by the number of indictments Trump is facing that they’re indicting him for being indicted. Shame on you, Trump.

10. Killing The Dinosaurs With An Asteroid 

Could Trump have possibly been the cause of an asteroid striking Earth 66 million years ago, causing the dinosaurs to go extinct? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped our gold-star DOJ from looking into it.

The Biden Administration and the corporate media want the American people to believe that the politically motivated charges against Trump are warranted. They wanted us to believe that this isn’t the weaponization of the justice system; it’s simply justice. They want us to believe that it’s fair for the justice department to turn a blind eye to Biden potentially selling American foreign policy for millions of dollars and Hillary Clinton taking BleachBit and hammers to her emails and devices while slamming Trump with over 90 charges ahead of the presidential election.

This is “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime” politics, and it’s very dangerous and very serious. At the same time, joking about it is one of the best things we can do because ridiculing the Biden Administration’s illegal investigations and charges diminishes their legitimacy with the greater public. Laughter is the bane of tyrants, so keep the memes coming.

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