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North Carolina Legislature Overrides Dem Governor’s Vetoes To Protect Kids From Mutilation And Castration

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Legislators in North Carolina overrode several vetoes by Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday to pass three new laws that protect children from the harmful consequences of radical gender ideology.

Thanks to the bipartisan efforts of the state’s General Assembly, men in ladyface are barred from infiltrating women’s sports, a policy decision a majority of Americans support because they know that males have an indisputable biological and physiological advantage and women have a right to privacy and safety in places like locker rooms. Teachers, under another new law, must also alert parents of their children’s gender confusion issues instead of transitioning kids secretly.

A third law, which the House and Senate also overrode a veto to pass, prohibits medical professionals from pumping kids full of neutering drugs that carry permanent consequences including sexual dysfunction, infertility, a higher risk of cancer and cardiac events, impaired vocal cords, bone density issues, and “transition” regret.

While someone can still be remotely approved to mutilate functional body parts in just 22 minutes in some American states, red states and European countries like England, SwedenFinland, and France have significantly scaled back or completely prohibited physical transgender interventions.

North Carolina is the 22nd state to pass laws effectively banning sterilizing chemical regimens and genital amputations from being prescribed to a growing number of minors who claim to struggle with gender dysphoria.

Legislators and parental rights activist groups in the Tar Heel State celebrated the overturned vetoes as a victory for “women, parents, and families.”

“While Governor Cooper has tried to stand between parents and their kids, today the NC House will continue to affirm parent’s rights, protect female athletes, and advocate for the health and safety of our children,” North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said in a statement.

Cooper, on the other hand, appeared to have no regrets that he ignored the will of his constituents by vetoing the protective legislation. Instead, he complained that legislators were focused on keeping children away from mutilative gender experiments that will wreak irreversible damage on their bodies and minds instead of passing a budget bill.

“These are the wrong priorities, especially when they should be working nights and weekends if necessary to get a budget passed by the end of the month,” Cooper said in a statement.

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