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Merrick Garland Reminds Us Regularly Why He’s Never Deserved To Sit On The Supreme Court


Attorney General Merrick Garland once again reminded the country on Friday why he has never deserved to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

With evidence mounting of Joe Biden’s role in his family’s foreign business ventures, Garland announced the launch of a special counsel investigation into Hunter Biden for purported criminal activity. According to the Biden-appointed attorney general, the investigation will be led by David Weiss, the same U.S. attorney who concocted the now-derailed sweetheart plea agreement granting Hunter — and by default, Joe — immunity from future federal charges.

Unsurprisingly, Garland did not take any questions from reporters following the announcement.

While legacy media will undoubtedly claim Weiss’s appointment is “proof” America doesn’t have a two-tiered justice system, Garland’s launch of a special counsel investigation confirms exactly that. Special counsels aren’t immune from congressional oversight. But don’t be surprised if and when Weiss uses the investigation to stonewall House Republicans’ oversight efforts by trotting out the infamous “I can’t comment on ongoing investigations” line.

The special counsel isn’t just designed to investigate the Bidens; it’s to protect them from future Republican-led inquiries.

Egregious as it is, Friday’s maneuver is hardly the only instance in which Garland has taken overly politicized actions to benefit Democrats. The Biden appointee has regularly abused his powers to protect his political allies and target any American who stands in the way of the left’s authoritarian agenda.

Keep in mind that it was Garland who instructed the FBI to target parents at school board meetings under the false premise they were domestic terrorists. It was also his DOJ that recently attempted to imprison Mark Houck, a Christian father and husband arrested by the FBI, for protecting his son from an angry abortion activist.

And who could forget how Garland and the DOJ stood by and did nothing when left-wing anarchists showed up at the homes of Republican-appointed SCOTUS justices to harass and intimidate them into upholding Roe v. Wade? Or the agency’s similar inaction when leftist criminals were firebombing crisis pregnancy centers after the court’s draft majority decision in Dobbs got leaked?

After all, why charge violent street communists when you can just indict your boss’s leading political rival ahead of a major election (twice)?

Garland’s abuse of federal law enforcement not only exemplifies why he should be impeached; it demonstrates why he has never deserved to sit alongside honorable justices like Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. While figures such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell deserve credit for keeping Garland off the highest judicial body in the nation, they deserve equal scorn for suggesting this man should be anywhere near federal office.

Unlike Thomas or Samuel Alito, Garland isn’t interested in interpreting the Constitution as written or ensuring it is applied equally among the American people. Rather, he views the law as a weapon that can be molded and manipulated to advance Marxism throughout the U.S. legal system.

If his 2016 SCOTUS nomination had been successful, there’s no reason to believe Garland’s jurisprudence on the high court would be any different than the judicial activism displayed by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson. His stint as attorney general proves he’s more interested in weaponizing the law than interpreting it and shows the country why he should never be allowed to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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