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The DOJ Is So Compromised, A Special Counsel For Biden Family Corruption Won’t Do Jack

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Another special counsel isn’t the answer to rampant Biden, DOJ, and FBI corruption. Impeachment for corrupt officials is.


After years of stonewalling and concealment by the nation’s top bureaucrats, the truth about Biden family corruption deserves to be blown wide open.

Evidence that President Joe Biden and his family exchanged political favors for cash from foreign adversaries is mounting, prompting renewed calls by House and Senate Republicans and whistleblowers for a special counsel.

Under normal circumstances, asking the attorney general to declare a “criminal investigation of a person or matter [by a special counsel] is warranted” to avoid potential conflicts of interest in the Justice Department is the best legal route to ensure bad actors who sell out their country to line their own pockets are indicted, tried, and fined. But these are not normal circumstances, Merrick Garland is not a normal AG, and participating in international bribery schemes is not normal vice president or president behavior.

Asking Garland to bestow special privileges and status on yet another one of Biden’s corrupt deep state attorneys to investigate the first family’s corruption would ultimately be a waste of time and taxpayer money because it would require Americans to believe the DOJ applies equal justice. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Rotten to the Core

Ever since inquiries into Joe and his son began, the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and other bureaucrats have done nothing but obstruct congressional oversight, lie, hide evidence, slow-walk investigations, and do everything they could to shield the Bidens from scrutiny.

The FBI field office tasked with investigating Hunter Biden kicked off the concealment campaign by asking Twitter to censor certain content ahead of the 2020 election. Recent testimony from Laura Dehmlow, section chief of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, confessed that the FBI told Twitter Hunter’s laptop was real the day the New York Post published its bombshell reporting, before the bureau quickly switched its narrative to “no further comment.”

More recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray, even when faced with threats of contempt, refused to publicize the unclassified document alleging Joe’s role in accepting millions to orchestrate the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s company.

IRS whistleblowers, who faced retribution from their agency for speaking up about the double standards in the Biden investigation, were also not privy to the bombshell FD-1023. Nor were they allowed access to all of the evidence on Hunter’s laptop.

During the IRS’s tax investigation of Hunter, the FBI tipped off the Biden team about surprise interviews, according to whistleblowers, who also testified that the younger Biden was let off the hook for apparent financial crimes in 2014-2015 because U.S. Delaware Attorney David Weiss allowed the statute of limitations to expire. Weiss’s office also played a role in concealing evidence of Joe and Hunter’s Burisma bribes.

Meanwhile, Weiss and Garland at best misled, and at worst lied to Congress about the authority the U.S. attorney possessed over “where, when, and whether to file charges” against Hunter.

The list goes on and on and on.

Appointing a special counsel from the same agencies that spent years covering up the corruption he would be tasked with investigating would be far too little, far too late.

Don’t Forget the Durham Disappointment

History shows that naming a special counsel who is miraculously effective and nonpartisan is a futile effort.

Take Special Counsel John Durham, for example. While corrupt corporate media and Democrats touted the Russia-collusion hoax as fact and repeatedly tried to remove former President Donald Trump from office, the special counsel quietly and dutifully pulled together a 306-page report detailing grave misconduct by the Obama-era DOJ and FBI during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. He even brought charges against three known Russia hoaxers: Kevin Clinesmith (who pled guilty but dodged jail time), Igor Danchenko, and Michael Sussmann.

Durham successfully established that the government massively abused its power against its citizens but his attempts to punish bad actors while protecting the establishment failed to get past the deep state’s safety nets. The best Durham could offer following acquittals were strongly-worded recommendations to the same agencies that “simply ignored or in some fashion rationalized away” protocols to undermine their sworn political enemy. Wray publicly confirmed in 2022 that none of the FBI agents who were involved in Spygate have faced serious consequences.

In the face of malfeasance, even a skilled prosecutor like Durham only produced acquittals instead of accountability.

The only way to achieve true accountability for the corruption running rampant in the Biden administration is to impeach the president “and all of his top officials.” Republicans must follow through on their threats of contempt of Congress and send a message that unbridled duplicity is not welcome here.

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Considering the bureaucracy’s long track record of partisanship and weaponization, Republicans demanding a special counsel are either willfully shirking their responsibility to check the executive branch’s uncurbed power, or foolishly trusting a system that has failed Americans time and again.

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