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The Democrat Party Of The Proudly Unwell And Perverts


It says a lot about the modern Democrat Party that its prominent figures like Rep. Eric Swalwell (California representative) and Beto O’Rourke (perpetually unemployed) would actually support and pose for a photo with Stacie Laughton when he was running for a seat in the New Hampshire state house.

For the uninitiated, Laughton has the distinction of being the first transgender person elected to a state legislature. More importantly, he was charged in connection with the sexual exploitation of children, specifically by receiving and talking about explicit photos of children possibly as young as 3 years old. Laughton allegedly obtained the photos in text messages from his then-partner, Lindsay Groves, who authorities say took nude photos of the young minors at a daycare center.

It’s not like there weren’t signs of trouble. Appearance isn’t everything, but it is something — and Laughton’s, with his long straggly hair pulled back in a tight knot, his highly receded hairline, and questionable dental hygiene, is unnerving, to say the least. Plenty of unfortunately-looking people are harmless. But Laughton is both that and suffers from a psychological impairment (celebrated as it may be by the American left).

To be mentally ill, dangerous, or both is quickly becoming the norm in Democrat politics. Time magazine on Thursday ran a lengthy, sympathetic profile on Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, who in March mustered the strength to emerge from a mental wellness facility, where he spent six weeks being treated for severe depression. And that was only after suffering a near-fatal stroke that has left him unable to communicate without advanced computer software and nearly incapable of speaking at all.

“For so many years, we have demanded our politicians be perfect—free of scandal, perfectly groomed, never a hair or a word out of place,” wrote Time’s Molly Ball. “To admit to being broken was to admit to being ­deficient. But Fetterman was never the kind of pol who put much stock in seeming perfect.”

That’s not completely accurate. True, Fetterman is a proud slob in his perpetual uniform of a hoodie and basketball shorts that must make his office staff exceedingly uncomfortable every time he moves, but it’s not so much that he doesn’t “put much stock in seeming perfect.” It’s that the media throughout the final months of his 2022 Senate campaign were fully invested in dragging his body across the finish line no matter the cost, even as anyone with functioning eyes and ears could see that he was incapacitated by the deadly stroke and had not recovered.

Oh, well! Democrats had a Senate seat to win. Money is no object, let alone the quality of life of a father of three. Besides, Time and Molly Ball assure us that “many people loved their broken Senator—not in spite of his brokenness but ­because of it.”

Fetterman’s debilitating condition is not a bug. It’s a feature!

And then of course, there’s Sam Brinton, the narcissistic kleptomaniac trans “they/them” user who was hired by the Biden administration to manage nuclear material. His entire biography is sprinkled with public sex kink and a penchant for wearing gaudy women’s clothing — much of which, it turns out, was stolen. That’s who was deemed safe by Democrats to work in a high-level government energy position.

Democrats call it bigotry and prejudice to look twice at any one of these individuals and think, maybe, just maybe, there’s something wrong here. Democrats prefer to not only embrace them, but elevate them to positions of authority.

It isn’t pretty. But it’s the modern Democrat Party.

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