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Our Cultural Degeneracy Is Actually A Return To Normalcy

pride parade
Image CreditWikimedia Commons/GoToVan/CC By 2.0/Cropped

Before the spread of Christianity, the world was a veritable Epstein Archipelago.


As our leaders send the world the clear message that America is a nation of pride, a conservative reaction is brewing. Self-proclaimed “normies,” fed up with the nonstop sexualization of children, the identity politics obsessions of our elite, and the corruption of our institutions, are longing for a Hardingesque return to normalcy. The problem with that wish is that normal is exactly what we are now getting, good and hard.

Remember your history and your Bible: Idol-worshipping, sin-enslaved child sacrificers are the normies. The Israelites might have been the chosen people, but they weren’t the only people. There have been far more Sodoms and far more Gomorrahs in the history of the world than there have been Jerusalems — and even Jerusalem has had more than its fair share of pride-worthy content over the years. That it is becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between Old Testament prophets and the latest Libs of TikTok updates shows humanity is not heading toward some new degenerate frontier, but simply back to our old stomping grounds.

Consider that the most successful ancient cultures were so unspeakably degenerate by Christian standards that the 19th-century archaeologists who dug them up had to shovel that dirt right back and cover up their discoveries to avoid corrupting any tourists. It was not until the 21st century, for instance, that the full extent of Pompeii’s perpetual pride festivities was finally made public — a reflection not of our era’s open-minded dedication to scientific inquiry but of the sad fact that after a century of secular humanism, there was nobody left to shock.

In Pompeii, depictions of pedophilia, rape, and bestiality were a part of daily life, and its art celebrated the “blurred boundaries” between sexes and species. As the Smithsonian puts it, graphic depictions of sex were not sequestered in red light districts but celebrated by the culture at large: “At a time when polytheism, not Christianity, was the norm, sexual pleasure — embraced proudly by the very gods the Romans worshipped — was cause for celebration.” I bet they even had parades.

If this depravity sounds more like your local public school than an ancient ruin, you are starting to get the picture. If it’s a picture you don’t like, then it is imperative to understand how your elevated morality emerged from the debased practices of the ancient world. There is only one answer, and it involves the displacement of those polytheistic perverts by radical Christian revolutionaries. Yes, today we have Epstein Island. Before the spread of Christianity, however, the world was a veritable Epstein Archipelago. And until God humbled Himself on the cross, every month was pride month.

The first step to defeating the pedagogical porn peddlers and the gender-bending doctors lies in understanding precisely where your own revulsion at them comes from. Tom Holland’s work is a good place to start. Many, many martyrs had to die horrible deaths before the world started getting second thoughts about pedophilia; many more died to make a world with the Christian confidence to outlaw and punish child abuse. If family drag brunch disturbs you, remember: There but for the grace of God go I. It is only thanks to His grace that you’re not out there in your own pair of fishnets, twerking away.

Why does this matter? Why play into the hands of the queer theorists and rebrand sex criminals as the normies? Well, for roughly the same reason that it is important for a military commander to know whether he has encircled the enemies or they have encircled him. If you view child sacrifice as a self-limiting anomaly, the trans craze as a phase, and identity politics as a passing fancy, you’ll be tempted to sit back, relax, mind your own business, and wait for the madness to subside. Those tactics will get you nothing but a nonbinary grandchild.

I am imploring you to realize that, in the absence of God, the madness is the norm. You cannot wait-and-see your way out of it, you can only repent-and-revival your way out of it. Our godless elites are not leading us into brave new worlds of depravity, they’re simply taking us back to where we started. If we do not want America to be normal again, if we do not want to revert to the monstrous mean, we must turn to Christ instead. He is the only way out of the very normal chaos of life. 

Do you remember the heart-wrenching plot of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” when Jimmy Stewart’s character experiences what the world would have been like had he never been in it? Well, we’re all George Bailey now — except instead of learning about a world without us, we are getting an up close and personal encounter of a world without Him. Are you liking what you see? Do you want to do something about it?

Picture a missionary stepping foot for the first time in a native settlement. He looks up and sees the blood of children running down the steps of its golden temple, hears the terrified screams of the sacrificial victims, smells the stench of death in the streets. He has not come to offer a return to normalcy. He has come to turn normal on its head. Go and do likewise.

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