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Ex-Agent Corroborates Whistleblower Claim That FBI Interfered With IRS Investigation Of Hunter Biden, Comer Reveals

James Comer
Image CreditFox News / YouTube

Republican House Oversight Chairman James Comer of Kentucky revealed that a former FBI agent who was on the Hunter Biden case corroborated key details from accusations made by whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In a Monday press release, Comer said the committee interviewed a former FBI supervisory special agent from the FBI’s Wilmington, Deleware office who confirmed federal investigators tipped off the Biden team about an interview the IRS and FBI were planning to conduct with Hunter Biden.

“The night before the interview of Hunter Biden, both Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were tipped off about the planned interview,” Comer said. “On the day of the Hunter Biden interview, federal agents were told to stand by and could not approach Hunter Biden — they had to wait for his call.”

“As a result of the change in plans,” Comer added, “IRS and FBI criminal investigators never got to interview Hunter Biden as part of the investigation.”

In June, House Republicans released transcripts of interviews with two IRS whistleblowers who alleged that Department of Justice (DOJ) officials repeatedly interfered with their criminal tax investigation of the younger Biden. The explosive allegations came just days after it was revealed federal prosecutors had brokered a sweetheart plea deal that watered down the charges against Hunter Biden to two misdemeanor tax crimes and one count of felony firearm possession, with an agreement that he will not be prosecuted for the gun crime if he never owns a gun again and maintains sobriety for 24 months. (Notably, such amnesty would have been threatened if officials linked the mysterious bag of cocaine found at the White House to the president’s son, who wrote a book about being a drug addict.)

Gary Shapley, one of the two IRS whistleblowers to come forward, told Fox News “the most substantive felony charges were left off the table.”

Shapley told House Republicans the DOJ even denied tax authorities a search warrant while compromising the investigation by tipping off the Biden team about the probe’s proceedings.

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IRS whistleblowers also revealed that federal tax investigators were left completely in the dark about the unclassified FD-1023 form housed by the FBI suggesting a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme between the president and a Ukrainian energy executive.

“The Justice Department’s efforts to cover up for the Bidens reveals a two-tiered system of justice that sickens the American people,” Comer said Monday. A poll out from the Trafalgar Group with Convention of States Action last year found nearly 4 in 5 Americans believe they live under a two-tiered justice system.

“The Oversight Committee, along with the Judiciary Committee and Ways and Means Committee, will continue to seek the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people demand and deserve,” Comer added.

FBI Director Christopher Wray defended his agency’s misconduct before the House Judiciary Committee last week.

“Are you protecting the Bidens?” asked GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“Absolutely not,” Wray claimed.

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