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Somebody Tell Planned Parenthood Summer Camp Is For Good Clean Fun, Not Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood encourages children to live sexually promiscuous and confused lifestyles so they ‘need’ the products that the nation’s No. 1 abortion vendor sells.


For many Americans, the idea of summer camp evokes warm, fire-lit memories of outdoor adventures, new friends, and the simple pleasure of enjoying God’s creation. As a former camper, my favorite activities were archery, educational nature hikes, and any sport involving water.

After experiencing such delights, it’s hard to believe Planned Parenthood recently had the audacity to market a children’s sex education program as “summer camp” — but then, it’s already ruining families via abortion and future fertility through sex-suppressing hormones. Why not add summer camp to its list of spoilers?

For poor souls in Minnesota, Planned Parenthood North Central States announced it was hosting “S’MORE” camp, which stands for Science-based, Medically accurate, Open-minded, Responsible Education. None of these attributes accurately describe Planned Parenthood. This is the same organization that changed its definition of ectopic pregnancy treatment when the facts weren’t convenient anymore.

After media pushback, however, the program webpage has recently been taken down, with only an earlier version of it from May being saved through a web archive.

The program was listed for minors aged 13 to 15 who have finished eighth grade but not started high school. It was three half-days a week for two weeks, and according to its website, topics included “healthy and unhealthy relationships … consent, birth control methods, barrier methods, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy options.”

Planned Parenthood has yet to respond to my inquiry about whether this program was canceled and the reasoning behind that decision. I also inquired whether parenting and adoption were included as “pregnancy options” or if abstinence would have been taught as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in 5 Americans are thus afflicted.

As abortion was undoubtedly included in “pregnancy options,” I also questioned whether the risks of abortion were also on the agenda. If consent really does matter, informed consent about abortion — which threatens women with injury, infertilityabuse, and maternal mortality — should be equally important.  

If your inner child isn’t jumping in excitement for such a brainwashing session, it doesn’t appear that today’s children were either. 

Despite the abortion giant doing everything it could to sweeten the deal (free attendance, free lunch and snacks, and a $100 Visa gift card upon completion — $150 gift card for a different Minnesota Planned Parenthood “Sex Ed Summer Camp”), Minnesota teens were not flocking to sign up. According to Fox News’ Pete Hegseth, one camp in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area was actually canceled due to lack of interest. A week-long version for 15- to 18-year-olds was being offered instead. Poison in smaller doses is perhaps more bearable, but it doesn’t make it acceptable. 

Always twisting something good, Planned Parenthood’s “summer camp” has strayed far from the original purpose of this seasonal, simple childhood joy. 

Summer camp found its beginnings in the mid-1800s with the Gunnery Camp, which the American Camp Association considers the first organized American camp. In Washington, Connecticut, Frederick W. Gunn and his wife ran a boys’ school in their home, and he took the entire school for a two-week escapade in 1861 that included fishing, boating, camping, and trapping. Known as the “father of organized camping,” Gunn set off a tradition that around 26 million children still enjoy today. 

Summer camp later began to be refined as recreational and childhood preservation. In 1874, the Young Women’s Christian Association began a “vacation project” for “tired young women wearing out their lives in an almost endless drudgery for wages that admit no thought of rest or recreation,” and by World War II, the purpose of summer camp was “to prolong and protect childhood innocence.” 

It’s a worthy endeavor, and one so needed today as our children are exposed to filth in every setting, particularly by Planned Parenthood.

This is why Students for Life of America is working around the country to get Planned Parenthood out of our schools and communities through initiatives like the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, and it looks like our list now needs to include summer camp. 

Looking over just the past several months, ninth graders in Canada were subjected to perverted card games in the classroom, which included the idea of being sexually attracted to a television. On TikTok, one Planned Parenthood “educator” coached children on getting “spicy toys” while hiding them from parents. Online, they also produced animated videos aimed at children, which state that “puberty blockers are safe” and chemical abortion pills “are very safe.”

Planned Parenthood has also repeatedly exposed children to “family friendly” drag shows, handing out condoms and lubricant to children as young as 13 years old. They’ve celebrated “good” porn, “vulva care,” and graphic content in the name of education

When someone is interested in talking about sex to our children, we usually think “pedophile.”

But Planned Parenthood encourages our children to live sexually promiscuous and confused lifestyles so they “need” the products that the nation’s No. 1 abortion vendor sells. Don’t feel affirmed in your biological sex? They sell hormones for that. Slept around and got pregnant in a bad situation? There’s a procedure for that. But it will cost you — financially, physically, and mentally.

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