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One Year After The Dobbs Decision, The Supreme Court Is Still Under Attack

Supreme Court in flames
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The coup against the court continues because Democrats, the Biden White House, and the DOJ gave it permission to.


Saturday, June 24 marks one year since the Supreme Court officially ruled that the Constitution does not include a “right to abortion,” but the outrage and strife that followed the Dobbs v. Jackson decision are far from over.

While pro-lifers prepare to celebrate the tens of thousands of unborn lives saved by this landmark ruling, Democrats, corporate media, and celebrities are turning out in hordes to complain that women and doctors in at least half of U.S. states aren’t getting free passes to end life in the womb. Additionally, corporate media, with help from court-packing activists, are committed to carrying out their incessant attack on Republican-nominated justices’ reputations.

This smear strategy is the product of enabling from the Biden regime.

When an unnamed leaker prematurely released the court’s ruling in May 2022, leftists all across the nation called for the violent destruction of the pinnacle of the judicial system.

Hundreds of pro-abortion activists, encouraged by the Biden White House, descended on Republican-nominated justices’ homes in an attempt to intimidate them, using public pressure to sway their ruling — something that has worked on the chief justice before. Justice Brett Kavanaugh even faced an assassination attempt.

This vitriolic reaction stemmed from a years-long delegitimization campaign coordinated by Democrats and amplified by corporate media. It was also clearly the chilling product of rhetoric from powerful elected officials like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who swore in March of 2020 that Republican-nominated justices would “pay the price” for ruling against the left’s partisan goals “with these awful decisions.”

As evidenced by the more than 100 pro-life organizations, churches, and pregnancy centers that suffered damage at the hands of abortion advocates, that threat became all too real following the eradication of Roe v. Wade.

Yet, amid literal calls for an “open season” on pro-lifers and court justices, Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice turned a blind eye to their political enemies’ pleas to arrest and prosecute. In fact, training slides from a DOJ whistleblower suggest that U.S. Marshals were explicitly warned against arresting members of the pro-abortion mob — even when they violated federal law.

A Never-Ending Onslaught

After years of failed attempts to stifle confirmations and pack the bench with partisans, the left’s aim to destroy the last political institution that poses a threat to their unconstitutional agenda continues with a sham “ethics crisis” that only targets Republican-nominated justices.

ProPublica’s latest assault on the court’s authority attempted to frame Justice Samuel Alito as issuing compromised SCOTUS rulings after accepting an invitation for an Alaskan fishing trip. As Alito noted in his preemptive defense in the Wall Street Journal, he was not legally required to report the trip nor recuse himself from any cases involving the trip’s funder.

Democrats, with help from the corporate media, desperately try to normalize their belief that taxpayers should fund unlimited abortion up until birth even though a majority of Americans reject that. Similarly, Democrats want to normalize the belief that record distrust in the highest court of the land stems from the actions of the court itself. In reality, Americans’ general lack of faith in the judicial branch is their doing.

In the left’s jaded eyes, there’s no such thing as the Dobbs ruling and a legitimate court unless it rules in their favor. Senate Democrats like Sheldon Whitehouse further prove this when they try to tarnish conservative justices with accusations of “ethics crises,” “sordid misconduct,” and “disastrous decisions.”

The brazen coup against the court continues because Democrats in Congress, the Biden White House, and the partisans running the DOJ gave it permission to.

Had the Biden regime arrested those violating federal law last year and respected the court’s authority, rage about SCOTUS might’ve blown over. Instead, flames were stoked in an attempt to coerce Americans that the only option is to burn the court to the ground — perhaps metaphorically or perhaps not.

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