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‘Call Of Duty’ Parent Company Censors Streamer For Defending Kids From Trans Agenda

Nickmercs character pack
Image Credit Grey/YouTube

The fanatical celebration of LGBT ideas can only proliferate so far before a crackback, as demonstrated by the ongoing parent protests and the ‘Call of Duty’ counter-offensive.


Of all the games one would expect to go woke, “Call of Duty” would likely be last on the list. But the long-running shooter series now serves LGBT masters.

The firestorm began when Activision Blizzard, the company behind the “Call of Duty” games, demonstrated its far-left loyalty in a series of tweets released in early June.

The gaming giant gleefully crowed about how it aimed “to foster an inclusive, supportive, and judgment-free environment,” and how it was “excited to be a part of the Los Angeles Pride Parade on June 11th.”

Activision’s push for pride plays against a series of nationwide parental protests seeking to remove pornographic LGBT content from schools, something picked up on by hugely popular “Call of Duty” streamer Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff.

In a tweet responding to footage of parents engaging with pro-transgender activists outside a school in Glendale, California, Nickmercs wrote, “They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue.”

It was a perfectly innocuous statement, and one that the vast majority of Americans agree with. Yet it ran counter to the current transgender campaign and therefore needed to be quashed.

Activision responded to the tweet by removing a set of in-game content featuring Nickmercs’ likeness, adding in a later statement, “We are focused on celebrating PRIDE with our employees and our community.”

Bafflingly, the whole incident likely would have blown over if Activision stayed silent since Nickmercs didn’t back down and refused to offer the apology leftist sharks would have used as an excuse to frenzy.

Activision’s heavy-handed response serves as a perfect demonstration of the frustratingly common tyranny of corporate censorship at the behest of LGBT activists. A popular streamer with millions of fans says something with mass support: Children should not be manipulated into joining a predatory movement encouraging them to lop off healthy body parts. The consequence for expressing that common-sense opinion is that a major corporation, ensorcelled by a tiny fraction of a fraction of the population, immediately reacts and moves to censorship.

Anything that runs afoul of the mob must be instantly decried as bigoted and hateful, then summarily eliminated. It appears “Call of Duty” isn’t the only place where you’re liable to get sniped if you’re not careful.

This is the world cultivated by the alphabet zealots — where a group is able to raise its flag in victory at the most powerful place on Earth and force the largest corporations to their knees, all while claiming to be oppressed.

Thankfully, Nickmercs doesn’t have to fight the faux-pressed on his own. Dr. DisRespect, another massively popular streamer, publicly deleted “Call of Duty” off his computer and said that until Activision Blizzard issues an apology and reinstates the in-game content featuring Nickmercs, he would be done with the franchise.

Outside the gaming sphere, ongoing conservative boycotts of companies such as Anheuser-Busch and Target are seeing incredible results and forcing companies to back off on promoting LGBT content. Fanatical celebration of LGBT ideas can only proliferate so far before a crackback, as demonstrated by the ongoing parent protests and the “Call of Duty” counter-offensive.

Hilariously, the radical left is trying to tie the current backlash toward LGBT indoctrination of children to a horde of bigoted specters, including a nearly 10-year-old movement to promote transparency in games journalism called GamerGate. But the truth is far simpler: Gender ideologues misplayed their hand by targeting children. That creates an opportunity for an effective counter-offensive.

It’s a good thing we’ve got some pro gamers on our team.

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