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The Biggest Threat To Democracy Is Media Hysterics About ‘Threats To Democracy’

RFK Jr. 'Threat to Democracy'
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The corporate media has added a new face to their exhaustive list of ‘threats to democracy’: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


The corporate media has added a new face to their exhaustive list of “threats to Democracy.” “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a threat to your health — and our democracy,” reads the headline of a recent Los Angeles Times column. According to disgraced L.A. Times journalist Michael Hiltzik, there are many “dangers” posed by RFK Jr. conducting a lawful and democratic campaign for president. 

Hiltzik writes that Kennedy’s candidacy “will increase the political credibility of anti-vax claptrap,” and “could cut into the vote in 2024 for a responsible Democrat,” allowing “Trump or a Trump clone” to take office and deploy “thuggish attacks on diversity, inclusion and voting rights that have become the alpha and omega of GOP politics.”

Ah yes, curbing racist, culturally Marxist “diversity and inclusion” policies and enacting measures to protect the integrity of American elections is a serious threat to America. Do not be fooled. The media attacks on RFK Jr. have nothing to do with vaccine acceptance.

As I wrote Tuesday, asking questions, whether they be about vaccines or literally anything else, is a defining feature of a free society. RFK Jr. has every right to discuss vaccines, particularly when the medical establishment thinks they are above debate. 

However, Hiltzik and his colleagues in the propaganda press aren’t really afraid of vaccine “misinformation.” The corporate media is primarily drumming up hysteria around RFK Jr.’s appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast because, as Hiltzik wrote, they perceive him as a threat to Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. 

In other words, RFK Jr.’s legitimate presidential campaign is a “threat to democracy” because it could help the opposition party win the upcoming presidential election and, ironically, throttle Democrats’ plan to erode the liberties prescribed in the Constitution. 

The Media Is the Real Threat

Using the phrase “threat to democracy” as a way of protecting Democrats ahead of a presidential election is a media tradition at this point. Recall how the press promulgated the FBI-contrived Russia-collusion hoax, claiming former President Donald Trump was a “threat to democracy” in order to interfere in the 2016 election and discredit the Trump presidency after he was elected. Today, the media is still trying to thwart a Trump presidency by praising Biden for prosecuting his most probable 2024 opponent in, of course, the name of “democracy.”

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Ahead of the 2020 election, the media again interfered in a presidential election when they claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation” and a “threat to democracy.” The laptop contained damning evidence that Hunter was engaging in sketchy foreign business dealings and that his father, presumably referred to as “the big guy,” was part of it. 

Fast forward to today, congressional Republicans have uncovered significant evidence that then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter received multimillion-dollar payouts from a Ukrainian Burisma executive in exchange for influence over American foreign policy. If the allegations are true, they mean the sitting president of the United States sold out America and may still be compromised by foreign nationals. 

Yet the institution so preoccupied with preserving democracy has done nothing to cover the Biden bribery scandal. Instead, the media has been obsessing over the deeply flawed Trump indictment and parroting White House talking points that Hunter was “held accountable” this week after he was charged with tax and firearm offenses.

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Hunter was not “held accountable.” He received an excessively lenient plea deal for crimes many Americans are thrown behind bars for committing. More importantly, none of the charges have anything to do with the bribery scandal — rather, they appear to be a transparent ploy by the Department of Justice to cosplay as fair actors and distract the American people from the real Biden crimes. 

The media could have done their job in 2020 and reported — or at the very least not lied about — the Hunter Biden laptop. Then maybe we wouldn’t have a president who appears to be compromised by foreign nationals and American adversaries. But the media didn’t want to report on it because they didn’t want Biden to lose in 2020. 

For the propaganda press, “democracy” no longer means a form of government. It means the suppression of anything that threatens the left’s agenda or their candidates. Just a few examples of what the media considered a “threat to democracy” include Trump, half of the U.S. population, Ron DeSantis, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, lawfully conducted elections, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, poll watchers, Elon Musk, parents at school board meetings, pro-lifers, our bicameral legislature, free speech, and democracy itself.

Supposed “threats to democracy” are used by the left to actively call for the censorship of those who are willing to speak the truth. The legacy press encouraged Big Tech to censor the New York Post when the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke, and they encouraged Big Tech to censor Joe Rogan’s RFK Jr. podcast.

The media feel justified in launching full-on assaults against the First Amendment because they’re entitled, believing they should be the sole arbiters of truth. In order to maintain a monopoly on information, they call for the annihilation of smaller media outlets or even random social media users who dare challenge their carefully curated narratives — all in the name of protecting “democracy.”

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