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The DOJ’s Election Interference Is Worse Than Anything The Russians Ever Did


If we learned anything since 2016, it’s that Democrats are gravely concerned about interference in U.S. elections — unless they’re the ones doing it.

Thursday’s announcement that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is reportedly planning to indict Donald Trump has garnered squeals of excitement from Democrats and their legacy media sycophants, who for years have salivated at the thought of seeing the very bad orange man thrown in prison. Residential “nasty woman” Hillary Clinton — who in a just society would be behind bars — took to Twitter, for instance, to brag about America’s two-tiered justice system and harp “But Her Emails” hats to her millions of followers.

Meanwhile, left-wing outlets such as ABC News couldn’t contain their enthusiasm over this “unprecedented moment” in U.S. history, where the Justice Department charged a former president.

“Historians say that not since Richard Nixon had there been the real prospect of a commander-in-chief being formally accused of a crime, though Nixon avoided that fate after being pardoned by successor Gerald Ford,” reporter Tal Axelrod wrote.

Yes, the DOJ’s prospective indictment of Trump is unprecedented. Just not in the celebratory way that Democrats insist.

It’s unprecedented for the American intelligence apparatus to abuse its power to trump up (no pun intended) charges against the potential presidential nominee for one of the country’s leading political parties ahead of a major election. It’s unprecedented for these same agencies to withhold potentially damning evidence implicating the current president (and likely candidate in said major election) in a criminal bribery scheme involving his family’s foreign business ventures. And it’s unprecedented for America’s “free press” to cheer on the political prosecution of one candidate while excusing the growing evidence of the others’ criminal activity because their interests align with the latter.

For all their giddiness over Trump’s looming indictment, these same people spent years feigning concern about Russian interference in the 2016 election. If you watched and read nothing but CNN or The New York Times since November 2016, there’s a good chance you believed Russians posting memes on Facebook was the greatest threat to the republic since Joan Rivers claimed Michelle Obama is transgender. That is until the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, which gave Democrats their next “The sky is falling!” narrative.

But the contrast between what Russia did in 2016 and what the DOJ is doing ahead of 2024 reveals a more troubling fact. We expect foreign adversaries like Russia and China to attempt to influence our politics; that’s what adversaries do. What we don’t — and shouldn’t have to — expect is this kind of electoral interference to come from our own government.

These agencies were created with the purpose of protecting American interests and preserving the republic. Now, their main objective is to abuse the law to target anyone who is bold enough to lift a finger against the Democratic Party and its allies in the ruling regime. In the coming days and weeks, expect to hear the left trot out their garbage, “No one is above the law” talking point, which they’ll repeat with a straight face as their crooked political allies walk free and nonviolent Jan. 6 protestors have the book thrown at them by our corrupt government.

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