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GOP Senators Want Details From Durham About Russia Hoaxers’ Obstruction Of Investigation


Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are demanding Special Counsel John Durham disclose why several prominent Russia hoaxers, including a former director and deputy director of the FBI and several counterintelligence personnel, failed to testify about their roles in a coup against former President Donald Trump and the will of the American people.

Durham’s 306-page report, published earlier this month, detailed how Democrat operatives packaged and sold a lie to the all-too-believing Obama administration FBI that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Missing from the thorough look into Crossfire Hurricane, Grassley and Johnson noted in a letter on Wednesday, were the testimonies of several key Spygate hoaxers such as former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the scandal-plagued former FBI agent Peter Strzok, then-assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division Bill Priestap, disgraced felon and FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, and Fusion GPS’s lying Glenn Simpson.

“In order to better understand what, if any, actions your office took to obtain information from relevant individuals, we request that you provide detailed information related to the following individuals who apparently declined to fully cooperate with your investigation,” the senators wrote.

Some of the potential witnesses, such as Strzok and Priestap, initially agreed to provide Durham information “concerning matters related to the FBI’s Alfa Bank investigation” but “otherwise declined to be interviewed … on matters related to [their] role in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

McCabe refused to talk even after Durham “offered to narrow the scope of subjects to be asked about.”

Information from the people who initiated and signed off on a sham spy campaign against the soon-to-be president based on partisan gossip, the senators agreed, would have proved useful to Durham and the American people.

The senators specifically desired to know whether any of Durham’s 190 subpoenas, which were executed “under the auspices of grand juries,” and seven search warrants were applied to the reluctant individuals. The Republicans noted that under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, more than “2,800 subpoenas” and “nearly 500 search warrants” were used in the course of the investigation.

“It seems odd that individuals would be allowed to avoid fully cooperating with your office, particularly given your authority to compel testimony and records,” the Republicans mused.

Grassley and Johnson also asked if the Biden administration’s Department of Justice, which a whistleblower alleges blocked the filing of criminal tax charges against Hunter Biden, “impede[d]” any of the special counsel’s investigation.

The testimonies of “some personnel” in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division would have also aided the investigation but, as Durham noted in a footnote on his report, these government employees “refused to cooperate” which forced top FBI officials to “urge those individuals to agree to be interviewed.”

“Congress requires additional information with respect to this refusal to cooperate and how it ultimately concluded,” Grassley and Johnson warned.

“Additional information,” the senators clarified, includes naming the personnel who “refused to cooperate,” how they “refused to cooperate,” and naming those who eventually cooperated.

The senators gave Durham six days to get back to them with the requested information.

Johnson and Grassley Letter… by The Federalist

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