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Biden Administration More Careful About Abortion Pill Ruling Than Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace on WJCL
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Republican Rep. Nancy Mace joined Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday in publicly urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ignore a federal judge’s decision to freeze the agency’s approval of abortion pills.

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk found on Friday that the FDA wrongfully approved the mifepristone abortion drug regime, which is responsible for more than half of the nation’s abortions, in 2000 without adequately assessing the long list of risks it poses to mothers and their babies.

Despite the fact that the FDA spent the last 23 years loosening its already questionable guidelines for the fatal drug, Mace encouraged the same agency responsible for rushing approval of the covid jab that caused her medical complications to turn a blind eye to Kacsmaryk’s ruling.

“This is an FDA-approved drug. Whether you agree with its usage or not, that’s not your decision. That is the FDA’s decision,” Mace said on CNN after she tweeted a similar sentiment.

For the next five minutes, Mace invoked the tired and evidenceless excuses of off-base Republicans to bash pro-life conservatives for being “largely on the wrong side of” the abortion debate.

“We’ve got to show compassion on the abortion issue because, by and large, most Americans aren’t with us on this issue,” Mace asserted.

That’s a blatant lie that only the hoaxers in corporate media would believe, which is probably why Mace went on CNN instead of a more GOP-friendly network like Fox News to spew it.

Mace’s stance may have generated favorable headlines from the propaganda press and given her a few seconds of fame with the radical pro-abortion crowd, but it’s not one favored by the American public.

Approximately 75 percent of Americans think the FDA should have performed studies focused on girls under the age of 18 before approving chemical abortion for minors, a March poll conducted by CRC Research for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America found. In fact, 56 percent of Americans said they find the FDA untrustworthy after they learned that the agency “fast-tracked the abortion pill regimen using its accelerated drug approval authority by calling pregnancy a ‘life-threatening illness.’”

Mace, whose desire to be liked by both the right and the left has become more apparent in recent years, drew ire from pro-life organizations such as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, which warned the FDA will “never be held accountable if leaders like Mace encourage them to ignore the law and the science.”

“Rep. Mace is poorly informed on the law and history as well,” said SBA’s Vice President of Communications E.V. Osment. “She failed to mention the same federal law that stops abortion pills from being sent by mail was last updated and expanded in use by Congress under President Clinton. After looking at the politicized actions of the FDA, it’s clear the abortion pill should never have been approved much less expanded via the mail.”

Even more shocking, the Biden administration rejected part of Mace’s tone-deaf temper tantrum.

Last summer, the Biden administration threatened to disrespect the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision. In this case, however, the pro-abortion regime chose to exercise even more restraint than the Republican from South Carolina by warning the FDA against flouting the ruling.

While Mace was busy calling for a coup against the word of a federal judge, Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Kamara Jones confirmed that the Biden administration will not “disregard a binding decision.” Instead, it plans to continue the legal battle of shielding the FDA in the courts.

Mace’s contempt for the abortion pill ruling and pro-lifers proves that she’s out of touch with not just her party but with the rest of the country.

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