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Twitter Officially Joined The Censorship Regime When It Silenced ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Reporting

Twitter censorship regime
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This week, Twitter sided with the censorship regime when it banned journalists, a sitting member of Congress, and Federalist CEO Sean Davis.


This week, Twitter sided with the censorship regime at the behest of the Transgender Movement. The platform banned reputable journalists, a sitting member of Congress, and Federalist CEO Sean Davis for factually reporting on the “Trans Day Of Vengeance,” which was originally scheduled to take place this Saturday, the same week a transgender-identifying shooter murdered six Christians in Nashville. 

Twitter also locked the New York Post out of its account Thursday for reporting a story covering the company’s censorship of the “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest, a move similar to the platform’s censorship of the Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden Laptop story before Musk took over the company.

For several days, the innocent people reporting on the “Trans Day of Vengeance” were smeared by Twitter for allegedly engaging in “violent speech” and told they would only be reinstated if they submitted to the Orwellian reeducation exercise of manually deleting their tweets and admitting they violated “Twitter Rules.” 

The only “violence” that’s been perpetrated was by the transgender killer, who murdered three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville. Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, claimed that the bannings were meant to hide the dangerous “Trans Day Of Vengeance” event planning, but we all know that’s not the real reason for the mass censorship.  

Twitter, along with the corporate press, government, and political left, want to hide the correlation between the radical transgender ideology and the horrific murders that occurred on Monday.

In a headline about the shooting, USA Today felt it was important to note that the killer’s gender had been “misidentified” by law enforcement. Respecting the murderer’s preferred pronouns was entirely irrelevant to the breaking news. Moreover, USA Today’s headline was factually false. Audrey Hale, the murderer, was accurately identified by law enforcement as a female.

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Indeed, instead of focusing on the murdered children, the emphasis has been on the “marginalized” trans community. When anti-Second Amendment activists stormed the Tennessee capitol yesterday, they held up seven fingers for the supposed “seven victims” in the shooting, referring to the killer as “victim.” 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said today that “our hearts go out to … the trans community” who is “under attack right now,” instead of the murdered Christians. And NBC ran a headline titled “Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity.”

Yesterday, top executives at CBS News forbade their staff from using the word “transgender” when reporting on the Nashville shooter. But the killer’s trans identity is very relevant to the shooting. Nashville Police Chief John Drake indicated in a press conference that the shooting was indeed linked to the murderer’s trans identity. 

More broadly, we know that all mass shooters suffer from some sort of mental disorder or break. This makes the Nashville shooter’s mental health, which is intricately linked to her trans identity, extremely relevant. We know the gender-confused suffer from disturbingly high rates of suicide, depression, and self-harm, and that’s after receiving so-called “gender-affirming care.” People suffering from gender dysphoria are pumped with cross-sex hormones and persuaded into undergoing painful and mutilating “sex reassignment” surgeries, which only fuels their identity crisis.

Also relevant to the story is the shooter’s manifesto, but the FBI and Nashville law enforcement, which is under the purview of Nashville’s left-wing mayor, are hiding it from the public. Could it be that the shooter’s stated murderous goals are linked to her trans identity? If it wasn’t, the partisan FBI, known for targeting Christians and pro-lifers, would surely have released it right away to dispel any “transphobic” rhetoric. 

Twitter affirmed its allegiance to the professional gaslighters on the left, in our government, and in the corporate press when it moved to suppress reporting on the “Trans Day of Vengeance.” Make no mistake, the actions taken by Twitter are part of a movement to bolster the left’s narrative hegemony.

Irwin lied to users about the types of people and posts that were censored, claiming Twitter was only trying to remove scheduling information about the “Trans Day of Vengeance” event. Davis did not share scheduling information, let alone the infamous “Trans Day of Vengeance” poster. He stated the facts and shared a link to a news story from The Daily Wire. Only after Robby Starbuck personally appealed to Elon Musk on behalf of Davis was Davis reinstated. 

A study published by the Media Research Center this week found that since Musk took over the platform, Twitter has become more oppressive and hostile to free speech. Notably, an astounding 62 percent of the censorship cases under Musk-owned Twitter involved tweets critical of transgenderism.

When he first acquired Twitter, Musk promised things would change and to create a digital environment where free speech could prosper. But as we can see, speech on Twitter is not free, thanks to Musk’s policies on “violent speech,” continued shadow banning, and bad hires like Irwin. 

Instead of allowing free discourse to thrive, let alone exist, on Twitter in the wake of a national tragedy, the company sided with the censorship regime, which controls the narrative and neutralizes any threat of the American people becoming aware of the disturbing nature of transgender ideology.

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