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‘It’s A Pandemic Of Fear’: D.C. Man Shuts Down Fauci’s Vaccine Lies

America needs more people who are as clear-sighted and brave as the man in the video.


“Y’all’s campaign is about fear,” a D.C. man told Dr. Anthony Fauci and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser in newly released footage of the pair parading around an impoverished D.C. area in 2021, pushing people to receive the failed Covid vaccine. “You all attack people with fear,” the unidentified man continued. “That’s what this pandemic is — it’s of fear. It’s fear, this pandemic. That’s all it is.”

The footage is from a promotional video for the latest season of PBS’ biographical television series “American Masters,” featuring Fauci. The season premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST.  

“People in America are not settled with the information that’s been given to us right now,” the man informed Fauci and Bowser as they stood at his doorstep. “Nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with,” he added, touching on how quickly the vaccine was approved without sufficient time for testing.

Bowser scowled at the man, even though his concerns were entirely justified — especially now that we know over a thousand injurious Covid vaccine side effects once labeled “disinformation” by Fauci and his allies are real

The D.C. mayor then proceeded to shame her constituent, telling him that “if thousands of people like you don’t get vaccinated, you’re gonna let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.” The man responded by telling Bowser that Covid is no worse than the common flu. 

Indeed, for many demographics, Covid and influenza are very comparable, and in children, studies show that the common flu is more severe than Covid. However, that didn’t stop Fauci from gaslighting the man and asserting that Covid is “much more serious” than the flu. 

In what appears to be a Freudian slip, Fauci then highlighted one reason why many believe the Covid hysteria was fueled by inaccurate data. “You know how many people died of the flu the last year?” asked Fauci. “I mean, not this year [because it was] virtually none, but the previous year? About 20,000 to 30,000. You know how many people have died from Covid-19 in the United States? 600,000 Americans.”

Why is it that, as Fauci mentioned, after the Covid outbreak the flu temporarily “disappeared?” Evidence suggests that medical professionals lied about Covid numbers on a large scale because hospitals were given massive financial incentives for recording Covid cases. Many were caught red-handed counting people who died of things like gunshot wounds and Parkinson’s disease as “Covid” deaths. The man in the video didn’t skip a beat after Fauci’s response, aptly telling him, “Well the number that you are giving that died, once again, that’s you all’s number.”

Elsewhere in the promotional video, a woman informs Fauci, “I heard that [the Covid vaccine] doesn’t cure [Covid], and it doesn’t stop you from getting it.” She is right, of course, that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or infection. That, however, didn’t stop Fauci from lying to her face, telling her there’s a “very, very, very rare chance” she could test positive for Covid after receiving the vaccine and that the vaccine is “very, very good at protecting you.”

Both of these exchanges are representative of the gaslighting and deception that defined Fauci’s tenure in the federal government. Unfortunately, though, PBS doesn’t appear likely to fairly address the discrepancies, lies, confusion, and corruption that the two interviewees touched on. 

The description for the upcoming docuseries reads, “Watch the scientist, family man and public servant as he battles the Covid-19 pandemic.” From the description and PBS’ nauseating trailer for the docuseries, it’s pretty clear we aren’t going to get the real Fauci story, which is defined by lies, science denial, and authoritarian Covid edicts. 

Fauci promoted ineffective lockdowns that devastated countless American businesses. He pushed for unnecessary school closures that caused hundreds of thousands of students to go missing and never return to school. He lied about the efficacy of masks and the vaccine, all while promoting draconian mask and vaccine mandates. And if ever anyone — including scientists and doctors — challenged Fauci’s Covid narrative, documents suggest that he colluded with Big Tech companies to silence them.

Perhaps the most egregious part of the Fauci-Covid saga is that he may be partially responsible for creating the virus. Fauci greenlit funds for the shady nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance to channel American tax dollars into the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which conducted gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses for several years leading up to the Covid outbreak. 

Unsurprisingly, Fauci and the president of EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak have spent a considerable amount of effort trying to discredit the lab leak theory. After two years of Democrat politicians, health bureaucrats, and Big Tech following Fauci’s lead and labeling the lab leak hypothesis a “conspiracy,” two government agencies have admitted it’s the most likely origin of Covid-19. 

During the Covid outbreak, Fauci nearly doubled his net worth, which now exceeds $12.6 million. He enriched himself by spinning lies, destroying people’s livelihoods, and violating our most basic freedoms. PBS isn’t likely to mention how people he labeled as disinformation-spreaders weren’t lying about their vaccine-caused myocarditis or missed menstrual cycles, nor is it to mention his ties to China, EcoHealth Alliance, and the potential lab leak. 

Fauci’s Covid campaign was indeed one of fear, and most people weren’t as clear-sighted and brave as the man in the video. They either fell for Fauci’s lies or quietly complied despite knowing better. Everyone who failed to defend truth and freedom during Covid should take notes from the man in the video for when Fauci’s protégés inevitably drum up the next “crisis.”

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