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Breaking News Alert Republicans Say Biden 'Not Fit To Serve,' Needs To Step Down

McConnell’s Ukraine Obsession Further Illustrates His Disregard For The Plights Of Everyday Americans


With a faltering economy, a wide open southern border, imminent national security threats from the Chinese government, and radical leftists trying to co-opt unsuspecting kids into their social movements, the United States under the “leadership” of President Joe Biden is in a tailspin. So naturally, out-of-touch swamp creatures such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it was appropriate to remind us plebs about what’s really important: Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

While donning his infamous Ukrainian flag-colored tie during his Thursday appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” the Kentucky Republican arrogantly regurgitated the most tone-deaf statement imaginable by claiming that “defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now.”

“It will save us an enormous amount of money down the road if the Ukrainians can succeed,” McConnell baselessly opined.

It’s no secret in Washington that McConnell is obsessed with shipping endless amounts of taxpayer money to Ukraine — the second most corrupt country in Europe — with virtually no oversight. So much so that his blue and yellow tie has become the GOP equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits.

But maybe I’m being too hard on McConnell. I mean, it’s not like America’s own borders are being overrun by millions of illegal aliens or the U.S. economy is in free fall — with skyrocketing inflation making it harder for Americans to afford basic necessities, such as food and gas.

And it’s not like the United States’ number one global competitor — the Chinese Communist Party — is sending surveillance aircraft into U.S. airspace with virtually no pushback from America’s commander-in-chief, whose family has alarming financial ties to the Chinese government. Nor are there radical, left-wing activists attempting to ideologically co-opt unsuspecting children from their parents and trans them without their parents’ knowledge.

And heaven forbid if a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in Ohio, polluting the local town’s land, water, and air, and leaving residents in dire straits.

Oh, that’s right. All of those things are happening in America right now.

But as McConnell signaled during his Fox appearance, if we don’t approve of his obsession with giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, we can all go pound sand.

“I’m sorry public opinion is sliding [on U.S. military support for Ukraine], but I want to reassure the American people [that] this is enormously important,” he said.

In other words, he doesn’t care what Americans think and will continue to press ahead.

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McConnell and the GOP establishment despise their voters and the American people writ large. They don’t care about our everyday needs, or the fact that America’s left is attempting to rip the very fabric of our republic apart at the seams.

For them, Ukraine is just another shiny object they’ll chase until the cows come home. But by the time they abandon their latest folly and realize the calls are coming from inside the house, there will be no country left to save.

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