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7 People Biden Didn’t Bother To Mention During His State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden giving his 2023 State of the Union address
Image CreditC-SPAN/YouTube

While Biden’s speech contained shoutouts to notable State of the Union attendees, it predictably left out several individuals whose circumstances put the administration’s governance to shame.


Just when you think Joe Biden couldn’t spew more incoherent nonsense during highly publicized events, he finds a way to do it. During his Tuesday night State of the Union address, the Democrat president told lie after lie about his managing of the country’s affairs. As expected, many of these so-called “accomplishments” were either flat-out untrue or grossly exaggerated.

While Biden’s speech also contained several shoutouts to notable State of the Union attendees, such as Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, it predictably left out several groups of individuals whose circumstances put the administration’s governance to shame. To make sure these figures get the recognition they deserve, here’s The Federalist’s list of the top seven individuals Biden should have — but didn’t — mention during his Tuesday night diatribe.

1. Victims of Illegal Immigration

Some Americans, such as the family of Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hartwick, have experienced firsthand the disastrous consequences of Biden’s open-border policies. Last year, Hartwick was killed during a hit-and-run, for which Juan Ariel Molina-Salles — a 32-year-old illegal immigrant who unlawfully crossed the U.S. southern border on two separate occasions, starting in October 2021 — was charged.

Combined with the unprecedented number of border apprehensions and the massive influx of migrants negatively affecting border towns, specifically local health-care facilities, the open-border policies of the Biden administration are destroying American lives.

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2. Parents and Children Harmed by Leftist Education Policies

Leftism’s permeation of America’s education system has crippled the well-being of children throughout the country. So it was no surprise when Biden failed to recognize some of its biggest victims Tuesday night.

In Virginia, for instance, the willingness of a high school to conceal a female student’s gender dysphoria from her mother ultimately led the young girl to run away into the hands of sex traffickers. Even after her rescue in Maryland, state authorities’ obsession with radical gender theory prompted them to withhold the girl’s release to her parents on the grounds that her family was abusive for not affirming her so-called gender identity.

3. Americans Suffering from Covid Mandates

Nearly three years after the Covid outbreak, everyday Americans are still grappling with the effects of politicians’ overreaching lockdown-style policies. In addition to the economic damage and learning loss among children, Covid jab mandates — particularly those illegally enacted by Biden himself — have forced Americans to choose between their livelihoods and overall health.

Factor in the increasingly common side effects experienced by those who received the experimental injections, and it becomes more obvious the effects of these policies will be felt for years to come.

4. Victims of the Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Over a year later and U.S. allies are still feeling the repercussions of Biden’s calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Abdul Wasi Safi, an Afghan soldier who worked with the U.S. military during its time in Afghanistan, is among the withdrawal’s many victims.

Following the United States’ departure in August 2021, Safi fled to Brazil from Afghanistan for fear of “reprisals from the Taliban.” Last summer, he embarked on a journey to the U.S. southern border, where he was apprehended and claimed asylum in September. While initially facing a federal count for unlawful entry, Safi’s charges were dropped by a federal judge last month, allowing him to remain in the United States.

5. Women Forced to Live with Male Inmates

Democrats’ obsessive push for radical gender theory isn’t just harming children in school. In prisons throughout the country, female inmates are being forced to share living quarters with male prisoners purporting to be women.

In April, for instance, a female detainee at Rikers was raped by fellow prisoner Ramel Blount in the women’s section of the facility. Blount, who goes by the name Diamond Blount, was given “a seven-year prison sentence with an additional eight years of post-release supervision.”

For a president who loves to profess his support for women, Biden seemingly couldn’t care less about those grappling with leftist lunacy while behind bars.

6. Religious Americans Who Follow the True Meaning of Marriage

In no way, shape, or form was Congress’s passage of the wrongly named “Respect for Marriage Act” last year respectful of the institution of marriage nor religious Americans. With the help of 12 Senate Republicans, Biden’s signing of the bill allowed for leftists to declare legal war against faith-based individuals and organizations that uphold the true, biblical definition of marriage.

As a result, religious Americans such as Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips will be relentlessly harassed for continuing to practice their faith openly.

7. Babies Safe from Abortion

With the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization having gutted the phony “constitutional right to an abortion” precedent established in Roe v. Wade, multiple states across the country have enacted pro-life legislation protecting unborn lives. According to one analysis, an estimated 10,000 babies were saved from the scourge of abortion within just the first two months of the high court’s ruling.

While this should be cause for celebration, pro-abortion extremists such as Biden will continue to advocate for the murder of innocent children in the womb with the selfish and anti-science “My body, my choice” argument.

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