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Media: Biden Isn’t Banning Gas Stoves, And It’s Good That He Is


Last April, President Joe Biden announced and then quickly abandoned a “Disinformation Governance Board,” i.e. the White House’s official Ministry of Truth. It’s obvious now that the administration doesn’t need to establish an internal Ministry of Truth — it’s had one in the corporate media all along.

Biden has been able to distort reality quite seamlessly with the help of the corrupt corporate press, the latest example being the recent controversy over his administration’s floated ban on gas stoves. According to the White House and media, the idea of a gas stove ban is a delusional Republican “culture war” talking point (but at the same time, a totally great idea that should be applauded because gas stoves can be deadly, according to the same media). In truth, a national ban on gas stoves is a real possibility under climate-crazed Democrat leadership, and laws against gas-powered appliances have already been implemented in some parts of the country.

Since December, commissioner of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Richard Trumka Jr. has been pushing to ban gas stoves, calling it “a real possibility” that could happen quickly with enough public pressure. 

Meanwhile, left-wing environmental groups have been eagerly producing studies on the “science” of why gas stoves are hazardous, and Democrat lawmakers are throwing out every talking point from “gas stoves cause brain damage” to “gas stoves are racist.” Ironically, there’s an argument to be made that by left-wing standards a gas stove ban is racist. Many Asian restaurant owners have already expressed concern that banning gas stoves is going to negatively impact the quality and sales of Asian cuisine. Moreover, several of these Democrat politicians who are suddenly concerned about gas stoves own one themselves. 

Gas stove bans are not only conceivable, they already exist. Last summer, the Los Angeles City Council banned most gas appliances, like gas-powered fireplaces, in new residential and commercial construction in the city, and more than 50 other cities and counties in California have reportedly passed similar ordinances.

This Monday, when Trumka reiterated that the commission is considering a ban on gas stoves, conservatives sounded the alarm, sparking a public uproar among those who like their gas stoves and are wary of further climate-crazed government overreach. Immediately the White House began doing damage control. “The president does not support banning gas stoves,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated on Wednesday. “And the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is independent, is not banning gas stoves. I just want to be very clear on that.”

No, Biden Is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves,” wrote the dutiful New York Times. Just two days later, the Times published another piece with a change of tune: “Your Gas Stove May Be Killing You. How Much Should You Worry?”

“The commission’s regulations would only apply to new products,” Vox insisted. The corporate press’ argument follows that since Trumka isn’t suggesting the climate police enter your home and rip your stove out, there is no ban. Everyone knows, though, that a ban on new gas stoves is, in fact, a ban. 

It isn’t just gas stoves the left is after. Many want regulations on gas-powered furnaces and some want bans on anything gas-powered, which is why the “Inflation Reduction Act” included tax credits for electric appliances.

In George Orwell’s famous book “1984,” the Ministry of Truth “corrects” history at the behest of the dictator, Big Brother. “Who controls the past,” wrote Orwell, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

Biden is emboldened to tell such lies about what Trumka said in the recent past because Biden is constantly lying about the present. According to the White House, gas prices are Putin’s fault, incomes outpaced inflation, and America is not in a recession. All the administration’s lies are corroborated by the corrupt corporate press, which will alter definitions, the history books, and reality itself if it serves the Democrat Party’s aims.

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