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Ted Cruz Forces ‘The View’ Ladies To Deny Trump’s 2016 Election And Mock 2020 Election Critics In The Same Breath

Ted Cruz in NYC
Image CreditTMZ Sports/YouTube

Corporate media mouthpieces like the women who co-host ABC’s “The View” are obsessed with using the dumb “election denier” moniker to smear Republicans. But their latest guest, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, is setting the record straight on which party has a history of crying “illegitimate.”

During his guest appearance on “The View” Monday, Cruz pointed out that while his interviewers are busy demanding former President Donald Trump and other Republicans swear that the 2020 election was “legitimate,” they have repeatedly failed to hold any Democrats accountable for rejecting Republican victories.

“You don’t do it to Hillary Clinton, who stood up and said Trump stole the election. You don’t do it to Stacey Abrams who said that the election was stolen. They sat here and said it was illegitimate and you guys were fine with it,” Cruz said.

“And it was,” host Whoopi Goldberg yelled.

“So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not when Democrats win?” Cruz questioned.

It’s a fair thing to ask considering the fact that Democrats have objected to every GOP presidential victory this century. Instead of engaging the valid point that Cruz raised about leftists’ hypocrisy on elections, however, Goldberg changed the subject to the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

“We may not like when Republicans win, but we don’t go and we don’t storm,” she said.

It was then that Cruz noted leftists do use violent actions such as rioting, looting, burning, vandalism, and even death threats to express their outrage when things don’t go their way.

“Did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning and police cars were being firebombed?” Cruz asked. “Your position is the left doesn’t engage in violence, really?”

“I don’t know what an Antifa riot is,” Goldberg said.

Cruz did not back down from confronting the bickering hosts, even when protesters in the audience heckled both him and the other View hosts. Instead, he called out Goldberg and her girl gang for repeatedly denying that they have a double standard when it comes to elections.

When Ana Navarro cited a phone call from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump in 2016 as proof that she “conceded the election,” Cruz pulled out papers from his jacket and began reading off a list of Democrats who refused to acknowledge that Republicans won fair and square.

“Hillary Clinton says Trump is an illegitimate president,” Cruz said, reading off of his paper. “Hillary Clinton says the election was stolen from [her]. Hillary Clinton in 2002: ‘George W. Bush was selected not elected.’ Joe Biden: ‘Al Gore was elected president.’”

In response, Navarro simply resorted to telling Cruz to “lower your voice because we are really close to you.”

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