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Watch: Radical Pro-Abortion TikToker Unknowingly Makes Incredible Case For Life

pro-abortion tiktoker talking about her experience
Image Credit@glassmenagerie / TikTok screenshots / Evita Duffy / The Federalist

These videos inadvertently display in powerful detail the gory horror of abortion and the deep betrayal women feel after the fact.


A pro-abortion TikToker by the name of Paris Glass uploaded a series of three videos discussing the emotional and physical trauma she experienced from recently aborting her unborn child. The videos have since gone viral, garnering more than 5 million views. While the creator intended her TikToks to promote abortion, she actually unintentionally made the greatest case for life by revealing the excruciating physical pain, emotional horror, and agonizing guilt that comes with ending preborn life. 

Glass began the first video by saying “f-ck you” to anyone who would discourage her from divulging the “filthy f-cking details” of her abortion because they want abortion stories to stay a “private matter.”

“I didn’t know what to expect because nobody told me,” she said. Glass told viewers she decided to open up about her abortion because there is “too much cutesy language surrounding reproductive health.” She wanted to get real so people could “learn,” adding that she particularly wants to educate conservatives because they “literally have no idea how this sh-t works.” 

The ‘Filthy F-cking Details’

Glass divulged in her first video that “within 10 minutes” of taking the abortion-inducing pill, she was “on the toilet sh-tting [her] guts out and vomiting at the same time.” Glass said she was given nausea medication but it did nothing to protect her from the excruciating pain she experienced as her cervix was “forced open,” adding that it was “so bad my body did not know how to react.” “This stage lasted for four hours,” she said.

“…At about the four-hour mark, I feel the lining of my uterus slough off,” Glass stated. She described the following four hours as a cycle of on-and-off pain. “I would go through a cycle of intense unbearable pain,” until “a piece of tissue about the size of a lime [came] out of my body.” Then she’d experience about 15 minutes of relief, and the pain would come back. “Rinse and repeat.”

“I don’t remember a lot of that day because I spent most of it trying not to pass out,” said Glass. “It is one of the most traumatizing things I have ever experienced.

Mental Manipulation

In her second video, Glass admitted she one day wants children, just not now, explaining that she wants to be in an ideal financial situation before having a baby. “I want to give my children no less than the world, and I wouldn’t be able to do that If I had a child this early,” she said. “If I had a baby right now, I would never gain that financial footing.”

Glass presented her abortion as a sort of sacrifice for the sake of her future children. “Absolutely everything I do at this point in my life is with the goal in mind of raising my children to be healthy, functioning, happy adults, and that includes my recent abortion because the quality of life I want for my children would never be attainable if I started having kids now.”

Glass also mocked anyone who would suggest she put her child up for adoption, saying her child would come out “damage[d]” due to medications she’s on, implying that somehow means her baby wouldn’t be adoptable. It’s unlikely Glass knew whether her unborn child had any mental or physical disabilities because birth defect screenings take place as early as 11 weeks and Glass aborted her baby at six weeks. Glass also said a pregnancy would force her “to stop my medications, which would cause me to have chronic seizures and I don’t think that’s great for a pregnancy…” Ultimately, her message was clear: An unhealthy, disabled, or “damaged” baby doesn’t deserve to be raised by her or anyone else. 

“If the quality of life that you want for children — for other human beings — is simply existence,” said Glass, “that is a you problem that you are now making everybody else’s.”

These are odious reasons for someone to abort a child, but Glass’s rhetoric is not original. It strongly echoes the eugenic origins of the so-called reproductive rights movement. During the early 20th century, social Darwinism was gaining momentum and widespread acceptance among American and European elites. Around the same time Adolf Hitler was implementing laws for the sterilization of “defectives,” Margaret Sanger, founder of the largest U.S. abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was working closely with eugenic leaders to eliminate the offspring of poor and disabled “undesirable” women. 

Sanger wrote over and over that she did not want poor and disabled women to reproduce. In contrast to other eugenicists such as Hitler, however, Sanger sought to achieve her goals not through force but by convincing women to dispose of their own children.

Glass is a radical progressive who also claims to be an advocate for the “deaf and disabled community” (she herself is deaf). Her leftist ideology, which allegedly emphasizes defending and championing the “underprivileged,” simultaneously provided her with a twisted eugenic justification for her abortion, reaching back to the era of Hitler and Sanger.

It first appears the irony is lost on Glass, but I don’t think it is. Glass isn’t dumb. She is thinking very deeply about what she has done and trying to process the trauma she experienced. The mental manipulation the left used to justify Glass’s abortion is undeniably difficult for her to admit. Glass can’t fully articulate why, but she’s angry. She’s in pain. And in the last video, she falls apart. 

‘Nothing Could Make Me Hate Myself More’

In the third and final video, Glass said she had to “mentally and emotionally separate [herself] from this pregnancy” because she claims (again) that she somehow knew her baby “wouldn’t have been viable.” 

To cope with the abortion, Glass said she and her partner decided to use humor. “[W]e just mentally decided that it would have popped out a full-grown Republican man with a five o’clock shadow named Dave.” Envisioning her unborn child as someone she hates  — a stereotypical adult Republican man — didn’t work. 

“I was not prepared,” said Glass, “to meet Dave.” She explained that because embryos burrow themselves into a woman’s uterine lining, it took a few days “for the embryo to actually come out.” And when it did, she crumbled.

“And even though logically I know it’s a clump of cells — it never felt anything — every emotional defense I had crumbled in one second,” Glass confessed. “And that is the moment that I decided to talk about this publicly.”

Her heartbreaking message continued: “…Nothing and no one can make me hate myself more than I did in that moment.”

It took a lot of maturity for Glass to so vulnerably admit her guilt. That’s why, deep down, I think Glass knows who she’s really mad at, and it’s not conservatives.

Glass trusted the left. “It’s a clump of cells,” they told her. “It won’t feel anything.” In trusting her own side, Glass was physically traumatized and mentally manipulated into killing her own child. At the end of it all, as she looked her deceased baby in the face, no abortion activists were there to rush to her side and hold her as she fell apart. Glass was alone. 

Her videos inadvertently displayed in powerful detail the gory horror of abortion and the deep betrayal one feels after the fact. Leftists are the ones who don’t want Glass’s story out in the world, even if she doesn’t completely understand why.

I hope Glass keeps speaking out, though, and maybe even inspires other women to do so too for one simple reason: Truth is the bane of the abortion lobby but the greatest strength of the pro-life movement. That’s why, despite her pro-abortion framing, Glass’s story holds incredible persuasion power for life.

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