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With Drag Queen On ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Disney Aims More Sexual Propaganda At Kids

Because ‘DWTS’ is considered a family-friendly show, children could watch the series on Disney Plus without parental knowledge. 


In a move that shouldn’t come as a surprise due to Disney’s penchant for targeting children with sexual propaganda, season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars” features a drag queen. In the season premiere on Monday, drag queen “Shangela” and partner Gleb Savchenko earned raving praise from the judges and tied for third overall out of 16 couples. 

Allowing a drag performer to compete, and with a male pro dancer no less, is just another part of a systemic effort by Disney — which now hosts “Dancing with the Stars” on Disney Plus — to push the entertainment giant’s perverted sexual agenda on kids. 

Meet ‘Shangela’

Shangela is a 40-year-old man named Darius Pierce. Pierce grew up in Paris, Texas, and was raised by a single Army vet mother. He was part of his church’s choir as a child but was exposed to drag at the early age of 16 for a school project. He became famous after competing on three seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Pierce says he identifies as queer and gay. While he doesn’t claim to be transgender himself, he is on board with indoctrinating children with trans ideology. 

During a “Jeopardy!”-inspired “Drag Queen Edition” game show earlier this year, contestants were asked to identify which governor “compared gender-affirming care to child abuse.” Without missing a beat, Pierce buzzed in and said, “I think what she means is that tyrant fool known as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.” He went on to praise GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for “rallying Hollywood and the news media to fight back against anti-trans legislation in Texas and all across the country.”

He also groomed his 9-year-old goddaughter Hailey for her “Toddlers and Tiaras” pageant and can be seen doing a model walk in front of children while in full drag. In the video, his goddaughter says, “I think drag queens are cool. They’re like role models.” 

Disney, ‘DWTS’ Refuse to Listen to Audiences

This kind of sexual propaganda is not what most of Disney’s target audience wants hurled at them every time they turn on the television. Disney made the same mistake with its “Lightyear” fiasco. Filmmakers infused a children’s movie with LGBT propaganda, and the film tanked. Of course, the entertainment media and Disney itself pretended the film’s failure had nothing to do with politics, but they are in for a reality check.

In rehearsals with pro partner Gleb Savchenko, Pierce looks like any male you would see on the street (albeit flamboyant), but in interviews and performances, he is dressed like a woman. When I first looked through the photos of cast members, I had no idea Pierce was a drag performer. How much more confused would children be?

While Savchenko and Pierce will be the first all-male pair in “DWTS” history, the show’s sexual agenda didn’t start this year. The first all-female pair was featured last year in season 30 when gay child icon JoJo Siwa was paired with “DWTS” pro Jenna Johnson. 

Many were unhappy with this pairing, and it is one of the factors that led to season 30 having record low views. The premiere garnered a little over 5 million viewers, down 33 percent from season 29. 

Apparently, show executives didn’t learn their lesson.

How Dancing Drag Queens Confuse and Harm Kids

Parents are tired of having their children targeted by gross sexual propaganda, everywhere from entertainment platforms like Disney Plus to classrooms. Allowing this kind of content is damaging to kids and even outright evil. All subtlety is gone, and in its place is a megaphone shouting through the television that traditional marriage and a traditional view of sex are not only one option of many now but outdated, weird, and uncool.

As if it wasn’t hard enough for parents to fight a behemoth of institutions from education to entertainment pushing sexual confusion, they have to do so in a world that is used to celebrating licentiousness even apart from an LGBT agenda. Our bawdy culture has been steeped in so much sexual excess that heterosexual people dressing like strippers are seen as normal, especially in entertainment. The step to homosexual people dressing similarly or cross-dressing is unfortunately not that large of a leap.

Men and women were created differently and to fulfill a specific purpose. Likewise, sexuality is a weighty and beautiful part of being human, designed to be enjoyed in ordered ways, not to be abused or commercialized. For left-leaning entertainment giants to twist the truth and celebrate sexual confusion harms the very people they claim to affirm. Sexual confusion is not something to be excited about. We should be lovingly showing people where their worth and inherent identity comes from, not pushing them further into a damaging and evil lifestyle. 

Now that “DWTS” has started this trend, chances are there will be at least one same-sex dance partnership each season from here on out. And because it is considered a family-friendly show, children who have access to Disney Plus accounts will be able to watch the series without parental knowledge. 

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