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It’s Democrat Senate Candidate Cheri Beasley, Not Ted Budd, Who Is ‘Out Of Step’ With North Carolina Voters On Abortion

Cheri Beasley
Image CreditNBC News/YouTube

Fifty-seven percent of North Carolina voters said they support a 20-week ban on abortions, much like the one recently reinstated by a federal judge in the state, yet former Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court Cheri Beasley, who faces a tight race for the Senate against Republican opponent Rep. Ted Budd, decried the recent ruling.

“Ted Budd supports this decision to take away our constitutional freedoms. Abortion is health care, and I will not hesitate to secure this freedom in the Senate,” she tweeted shortly after news broke that U.S. District Judge William Osteen restored the abortion restriction.

Meanwhile, the corrupt press and Democrats like Beasley have gone to great lengths to frame Budd as an anti-abortion extremist. Senate Democrats went so far as to lie in ads specifically targeting Budd’s stance and voting record on abortion.

Despite their best efforts to shame Budd for being “out of step” with North Carolina voters’ interests, it’s the Democrats’ preferred candidate, Beasley, who holds radical views on abortion that most U.S. and North Carolina voters strongly reject.

Beasley did not respond to The Federalist’s questions about whether she supports any restrictions on abortion up until the moment of birth, but her support for unlimited abortions is no secret and certainly not popular with North Carolina voters.

A quick glance at local polling reveals a majority of voters want abortion limited to the first and part of the second trimester. Just 23 percent of voters in North Carolina say abortion should always be without restrictions.

Yet, as detailed on her campaign website, Beasley not only wants to eliminate the Hyde Amendment, a protection that keeps American taxpayers from funding abortions, but she also expressed explicit support for a bill that would push unlimited, on-demand abortion in all 50 states.

The Planned Parenthood and NARAL endorsee also regularly touts a “woman’s right to choose” no matter the circumstances.

“Congress must protect reproductive health and codify Roe v. Wade,” Beasley told the Raleigh News & Observer in June. “It’s a human right, a constitutional right, and essential health care. I will always fight to protect women’s rights to make their own health care decisions, including by supporting the Women’s Health Protection Act.”

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