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Rep. Gallagher: Communist China Loves The Left’s Anti-America Radicalism

Wisconsin Republican Representative Mike Gallagher speaks to studens at Young America's Foundation's 2022 National Conservative Student Conference about the threat of communist China.
Image CreditOlivia Hajicek/The Federalist

Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., told students at the Young America’s Foundation’s 44th annual National Conservative Student Conference on Thursday that the woke ideology of the left is making America more vulnerable to the threat of communist China.

“I believe that we are in the early stages of an existential threat — existential competition — with international communism and that the stakes of this competition are the survival of the American project itself,” Gallagher said. “The communist cult’s vision is one of the state on steroids, using technology to control every aspect of our lives — what we think, what we say, how we worship. This is a new cold war, and I hate to tell you this, we are currently losing.”

Gallagher added that the reason we are losing is that “we no longer believe that we deserve to win.”

“This new cold war is not simply a military competition,” the former active-duty Marine said. “It’s an ideological competition between two fundamentally incompatible systems of government. … The Chinese Communist party believes there can be no higher authority than the state, as run by the party.”

Gallagher said the Chinese Communist Party altered the Bible in its approved “translation” to teach that even Christ himself is not above the state. “The state, in other words,” Gallagher said, “is the only religion.”

Meanwhile, anti-American leftist ideology weakens and demoralizes the United States, leaving us ill-prepared to face the threat of communism — something Gallagher said communist China uses to its advantage.

“We’re already seeing them co-opt this anti-American narrative of the radical left, co-opting their talking points to launch a preemptive ideological strike designed to weaken our will to fight by poisoning the minds of many of our own citizens against this nation,” Gallagher said. “And since war remains primarily a contest of wills, by weakening our national pride through wokeism, the CCP increases its chances of winning World War III, either by defeating an unready American military in combat or by convincing America’s leaders to surrender without fighting.”

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