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Sri Lanka Is Just The First To Topple In Globalists’ Green Energy House Of Cards

Riots, famines, societal collapse, and cultural invasion — the globalist agenda has created the perfect storm for national instability.


For a year, the Biden administration told Americans inflation wasn’t real. Then it was “transitory.” Then it was “sticky.” Then inflation was miraculously “real” but perfectly expected as a result of Covid-19 workplace lockdowns. Then it was an unfortunate but “necessary cost” for patriotic Americans to pay in defense of Ukraine against Russian aggression. Now inflation has risen to an annual rate of 9.1 percent, the highest in more than 40 years.

Tucker Carlson has been outlining how Joe Biden’s Green New Deal energy policies — not Russia’s war in Ukraine or Covid-19’s economic fallout — are directly responsible for our current economic crisis. In following the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better socialist blueprint for transitioning the economy from one relying on the hydrocarbon energies of oil, coal, and natural gas to one based on insufficient supplies of wind and solar energies, manufacturing and transportation costs have skyrocketed.

Add to this destabilizing energy shift the WEF and Green New Deal’s concerted efforts to shift the global food supply from one based on high-yield, fertilizer-intensive crop farming and traditional cattle and poultry production to a new “sustainable” diet of insects and lab-grown synthetic meats, and it is clear that the Build Back Better agenda touches every part of an individual’s daily life. In one fell swoop, Davos devotees are attempting to overhaul both the energy sources undergirding the global economy and the energy sources that fuel every human being.

One of the principal effects of this forced paradigm shift in energy and food production is today’s runaway inflation. If the supplies of relatively inexpensive sources of hydrocarbon energy are reduced on the global market, then everything dependent on hydrocarbon energy increases in price. From the operational overhead required to keep commodity and manufacturing plants running to the international shipping and transcontinental transport costs required to move finished products across the world, everything becomes more expensive.

At each stage of the process of extracting raw materials, producing a product for market, and putting that product in a consumer’s home, rising “green” energy costs cascade to create skyrocketing inflation. Likewise, when agricultural and livestock farming are heavily regulated in accordance with Green New Deal “climate change” goals, then not only does food become more expensive, it also becomes more scarce. Inflation and food insecurity are the natural results.

The Great Reset, however, is not occurring in a vacuum. Unsuspecting citizens may be the guinea pigs forced to endure the World Economic Forum’s agenda, but they do not lack agency of their own. Hunger and loss of savings tend to fracture societies, and not surprisingly, chaos and carnage are now on the rise.

In Sri Lanka, the costs of food and fuel have gotten so high that the island country has nearly collapsed. The president has fled, the prime minister has promised to resign, the socialist nation is in a state of emergency, and fed-up citizens have taken over much of the capital. It is the starkest warning yet to the Build Back Better zealots how devastating for ordinary citizens their forced experiment in social engineering has become.

In the Netherlands, farmers protesting government plans to regulate their livelihoods out of existence and seize their farms have fought back by blocking main thoroughfares with their tractors and keeping supermarket shelves relatively bare. Already, similar protests have popped up in Italy, Poland, and Germany.

Castro-loving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have succeeded in using the iron fists of government force and bank account seizures to dismantle Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy protests against experimental vaccine mandates earlier this year, but the current spate of public demonstrations against historic food and fuel costs show few signs of being similarly squashed.

While Germany prepares to restrict home heating at night and ration hot water, some industry leaders are already warning that “social peace is in great danger.” If tempers are running hot today, they are certain to go nuclear in the near future, as French and German leaders have warned their populations to “prepare for a total cut-off of Russian gas” that promises to exacerbate business bankruptcies and extend personal economic ruin. Only adding to the uncertainty of this approaching cataclysm, Europe’s border forces are reportedly “bracing” for “waves” of hungry illegal immigrants heading their way during what is inarguably transforming into a global food crisis.

Riots, famines, societal collapse, and cultural invasion — the globalists’ Great Reset agenda has created the perfect storm of economic insecurity and national instability.

All of this leads to an important question: If this Build Back Better project to demolish and reconstruct the West’s economic foundations ends up blowing up right in the globalists’ faces, what will they do next?

In Sri Lanka, the president hightailed it out of town and headed for paradise in the nearby Maldives. If Europe descends into conflict or outright rebellion, however, where will the World Economic Forum’s leaders hide? Is there someplace left in the world still unscathed from the predictable consequences of their disastrous actions?

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