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Wisconsin’s Illegal Ballot Drop Box Operation Further Proves 2020 Was Not ‘Most Secure Election In History’

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the unmanned drop boxes used to collect absentee ballots during the 2020 presidential election are illegal.


As if we needed more proof that the 2020 election was not “the most secure election in history,” the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday that the unmanned drop boxes used to collect absentee ballots during the 2020 presidential election are illegal.

That matters because the drop boxes, which were funded by one of Mark Zuckerberg’s election meddling pet projects, collected absentee votes in five of the swing state’s biggest cities for a political race that was decided by only about 20,000 votes.

In the wake of the 2020 election, Democrats and their cronies in the corrupt corporate media repeatedly claimed that there was no way that the U.S. voting system could be compromised. Despite the growing evidence of a manipulated election, they released reports and studies that claimed that voter fraud is rare and that there were no systematic voting issues in states.

Anyone who disagreed with their conclusions was immediately smeared for touting “baseless” and “unfounded” conspiracy theories rooted in a “big lie.”

“Election Security Experts Contradict Trump’s Voting Claims,” The New York Times blared in a headline just a couple of weeks after Election Day.

Of course, these were the same class of experts who signed a letter five years ago, when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, claiming that U.S. elections were vulnerable and had some of the same weaknesses that they dismiss now.

The truth is, there was plenty of evidence to suggest that Joe Biden’s journey to the White House wasn’t blemish-free. Under the guise of protecting voters from Covid-19, states began recklessly mailing out ballots informed by outdated voter rolls. They eliminated election security safeguards and encouraged a flood of unverified absentee ballots.

In Pennsylvania, Democrats used the leftist courts to change the state’s Election Code to expand mail-in voting, add drop boxes, and relax the verification standards for mailed ballots. In other key states, Zuckerberg used shady election-manipulating organizations to incentivize and orchestrate increased Democrat voter turnout.

Even on Election Day, poll observers in several swing states said they were targeted, harassed, lied to, and banned from the ballot-counting rooms which they were supposed to observe. In Michigan, Republican poll challengers claimed tens of thousands of bad ballots were counted for Biden in Detroit and signed sworn affidavits saying so.

Yet, anyone who suggested anything to contradict the narrative that this was the “most secure election” ever was nuked off of the internet by Big Tech and scolded by corporate media. When they gathered in Washington D.C. to protest, they and Republicans nowhere near the nation’s Capitol building were smeared as “insurrectionists.”

That event became the basis for the hyperpartisan Jan. 6 Committee and their sham attempts to subpoena election integrity supporters for the crime of questioning what happened in 2020.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision just proves what many of us have known since before Nov. 3, 2020: Our latest presidential election was tainted by some of the most powerful institutions in our nation who meddled, censored, and rigged whatever they could to pave Joe Biden’s way to the Oval Office.