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In New Documentary, Inventor Of mRNA Tech Reiterates Safety Concerns That Got Him Banned

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In a recent documentary about Robert Malone on the Epoch Times’s “Headwind” series, the inventor of mRNA technology slams the current major use of his own invention as unsafe, despite attempts by major communications platforms to shut him down.

Malone, a widely cited research scientist who is also a medical doctor, has also been ostracized by some scientists and government agencies since criticizing the widespread use of his own vaccine technology and calling out government agencies for not following proper safety protocols. Major tech companies such as Google and Twitter banned his interviews from their platforms and punish websites that publish his comments.

“I believe that a large fraction of the population accepted the vaccine under coercive conditions and were not provided full informed consent,” Malone told The Federalist in an interview about the documentary. “I suspect that [without coercion] a much smaller fraction of the population would have accepted multiple vaccine doses. Furthermore, if early treatment had been made available, public health outcomes would have been better.”

The Covid-19 injections mandated by many governments and employers are “the largest experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world,” Malone tells journalist Jakobien Huisman in the Epoch Times documentary exploring both his professional career and his electrifying effect on public debate since appearing on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” That viral podcast interview led to massive corporate pressure against Rogan, who agreed to modify his guest list as a result.

Malone believes the new kind of vaccine technology used in the Covid injections, which he helped create, is unsafe. He comes to that conclusion, he says in the documentary, due to the speed at which it was approved, regulatory safety protocols that were not followed, and a lack of rigorously verified data before the medical treatments were forced on millions worldwide.

Malone also said the pharmaceutical companies have not kept track of bad batches of the vaccines, which have caused severe and occasionally fatal reactions.

After suffering from “long Covid,” Malone says he took the vaccine in hopes that it would alleviate his symptoms. Instead, he said the vaccine caused him to develop severe hypertension. Malone later learned his dose came from a batch that caused many adverse events.

Malone told Huisman that taking a Covid vaccine despite having natural immunity can damage one’s immunity to Covid and increase the risk of adverse events.

Many in the public do not hear about adverse events, he said, because many key witnesses have been silenced. Pathologists, primary care doctors, and nurses have been discouraged from reporting adverse reactions to the Covid mRNA injections, he noted.

As an inventor of the technology, Malone insists it is too soon for mRNA vaccines to be widely deployed without further, and properly conducted, research. Most vaccines take years to be approved, he notes. Yet mRNA Covid vaccines only took a few months to go from creation to mandatory for millions of people.

“These vaccines were not safe, are not safe,” Malone told The Federalist. “The norm is that vaccine safety should be assessed for approximately one to two years after completion of phase-three trials.”

Instead of a speedy mass release and coercion into accepting new kinds of vaccines that have not been widely and carefully studied, Malone believes emergency-use authorization for high-risk people during the initial outbreak would have been best. According to Malone, “there should have been close follow-up for adverse events before any widespread deployment was initiated.”

That way, adverse events could have been monitored and studied by observing a small population of at-risk people.

During his interview with the Federalist, Malone spoke further about the vaccine’s potential effects on children. Some may have to get regular booster shots to keep attending school.

“There is a risk,” Malone said. “It appears that multiple vaccinations are leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndromes. And with that will come an increase in risk from other viral infections, reactivation of viral infections, and increased incidence and aggressiveness of various cancers.”