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The Best Thing Elon Musk Could Do With Twitter Is Annihilate It

An anti-free speech culture still drives the corporate reporters, media outlets, Democrat politicians, and many trolls who use Twitter.


Let’s face it: Twitter is a disgusting time-waster that’s hardly used for good so Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, should simply annihilate it.

There are plenty of rational arguments to justify wiping Twitter off the face of the planet. First of all, much like other Big Tech-controlled platforms, Twitter is a censorship cesspool operated by Silicon Valley elites who are prone to radical groupthink. It’s an app laced with manipulative algorithms and politically motivated shadowbanning.

Musk can try to serve justice by reinstating The Babylon Bee and every other account that fell victim to Twitter’s reckless political censorship. He can add an edit button and give me a blue checkmark, but that won’t change how the corrupt press or other Big Tech companies treat speech that they don’t like.

Speaking of free speech, Twitter is far from the pro-First Amendment social media company that it was ostensibly created to be and I’m personally not convinced that the “Techno-king of Tesla,” whose success is sustained by government subsidies, has the power to fix it.

It’s also a platform that induces and profits off of doom-scrolling, which leads to heightened anxiety and worsening mental health. The only difference between Twitter and Facebook or Instagram is that Twitter doesn’t pretend to be a place where users can “stay connected with family and friends” and you only have 280 characters to voice an unoriginal thought.

Twitter may occasionally house cute puppy pictures or amazingly funny tweets from Greg Kelly but ultimately, it’s an echo chamber for stupidity of all kinds that encourages digital warfare, mean tweets, and endless spamming by bots. I mean, even the former Twitter guy admitted that his creation is crawling with abominable content and behavior.

To put it simply, Twitter is unsalvagable. Even if Musk manages to replace current CEO Parag Agrawal and clean house of all the fragile employees, an eery, anti-free speech culture still drives the corporate reporters, media outlets, Democrat politicians, and many of the trolls who use the platform.

It may seem pessimistic but, in the end, the destruction of Twitter is the best thing for all of us. All 1 in every 5 of us U.S. adults who use it, anyway.