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Mask Nazis Who Terrorized Americans For Years Are Worried They Might Get Mocked For Mask Obsession

Those who forced babies off airplanes, froze kids at school, and refused service to customers who wouldn’t mask are now worried about mask harassment.


The New York Times’ reliable doomsayer Paul Krugman made another dramatic prediction Tuesday after a federal judge finally struck down a CDC mask requirement on planes and public transportation.

“Soon we’ll be seeing many incidents in which those who choose to protect themselves with KN95s etc face harassment, even violence,” Krugman wrote in a viral Twitter post with nearly 32 thousand “likes” and more than 7,000 retweets. “Because this was never about freedom.”

Krugman’s latter point was the quiet part out loud, just not the way he probably intended. Compulsory masking was always about control. Even NORAD’s Santa Claus fell victim to the left’s mask obsession.

Since the inception of Covid-19, facial coverings became a sort of religious talisman among liberals who demanded strict adherence to their pandemic ritual no matter how useless and no matter the significant consequences to children. When the pendulum has occasionally swung in the opposite direction to see mandates lifted, however, those who forced compulsory masking on their neighbors have fretted over minor mockery after the same population kicked families off airplanes for refusal to mask babies, barred kids from school who didn’t mask up, and refused service to customers who didn’t comply with the mask regime.

There’s no shortage of mask freakout compilations on YouTube highlighting the virulent endeavor to muzzle the entire country. Below are several episodes of the mask police out in full force documented by Twitter’s LibsOfTikTok:

These were far from isolated incidents. Three months ago in New York, a 16-year-old girl was refused entry to her high school and was allegedly forced to sit in the cold with no access to food or water.

“She was getting treated definitely worse than a prisoner,” Vincent Igoe, the girl’s father, told Fox News. “Even inmates in jail get offered food and water.”

In California, maskless students reported being “barricaded” in the school gym as administrators turned down the temperature to “freeze” them into compliance. The February incident came just before stars and celebrities packed L.A.’s Super Bowl stadium without face masks despite local students being compelled to wear facial coverings for schoolroom entry the next day.

Last fall, a substitute teacher reportedly “taped” a mask to a 9-year-old with plastic running across the face and from the nose to forehead after the student took a sip of water.

Even those who did wear masks were persecuted for coverings that came with the wrong political expression. Individuals who wore masks reading “Let’s Go Brandon,” a popular euphemism for “f-ck Joe Biden,” on airplanes were forced to swap them for blue surgical masks or face being kicked off.

Earlier this year, enough momentum grew among Democrats to label airplane mask objectors as “terrorists” worthy of being placed on a no-fly list that Republican lawmakers felt compelled to write a letter to the Justice Department in protest.

So yes, after two years of real incessant mask discrimination, there might be some harsh feelings towards those who imposed their own Covid psychosis on the rest of the country and now expect unconditional grace from those smeared as disease-ridden parasites.

No one should be violently harassed for their own decision on whether to mask. Respect is also a two-way street, and scared people would be better off staying home.