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Republican Legislators Demand Answers From Intelligence Heads Who Baselessly Smeared Hunter’s Laptop As ‘Russian Disinformation’

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Image CreditJÉSHOOTS/Pexels

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are demanding answers from each of the 51 former intelligence officials who published unsubstantiated claims that reporting on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop was Russian disinformation.

The 19 GOP members are calling on the 51 officials to disclose who they communicated with during the drafting, editing, publishing, and promotion of the signed letter, which was featured by Politico. The Republicans also requested “all documents and communications” related to the public statement that was used to throttle legitimate reporting.

“Your public statement served as a basis for Democrat operatives to try to delegitimize the scandalous allegations about Hunter Biden and the Biden family. … Your public statement was consistent with a broader effort to minimize and censor the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden and the Biden family,” the representatives wrote.

The legislators said this coordinated effort to stifle key information about a presidential candidate and his son, which had the potential to change voters’ minds about then-candidate Biden shortly before he was elected, “was a grave disservice to American citizens’ informed participation in our democracy” and deserves a response.

The New York Post first reported that bombshell emails were discovered on Hunter’s laptop in October 2020, one month before the presidential election. The emails documented Hunter’s shady relationships with Chinese and Ukrainian energy companies and how he exploited his father’s political reputation to strike business deals with foreign oligarchs.

Less than one week after the Post’s reporting went public, 51 former intelligence heads from the CIA, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, and more signed a letter smearing the laptop story as “Russian disinformation.”

These so-called “experts” admitted that they had never seen the laptop nor had they any evidence to suggest that their baseless theory was accurate, but the letter quickly became the basis for the left to wage a censorship war on anyone and everyone who amplified the Biden corruption narrative.

Intelligence leaders confirmed at the time that there was never any evidence that the Hunter laptop story was disinformation, yet the “Russian disinformation” theory was wielded by corporate media, Democrats, and Big Tech to suppress any information that could hurt Joe Biden’s presidential chances.

Hunter’s laptop is legitimate, something that several press outlets have only reluctantly admitted recently, but the dozens of intelligence officers who speculated it was a Russian ploy have not uttered a word of regret for their lies.