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Ketanji Brown Jackson Sits On The Board Of A School That Teaches Preschoolers To ‘Dismantle Cisgender Privilege’

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The board of trustees, of which Jackson has been a member since 2019, is also ‘involved with executing their ‘anti-racism action plan.”


Georgetown Day School, where Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson serves on the board of trustees, recently hosted a critical race theorist to indoctrinate pre-K students as part of a “Black Lives Matter at School’s Week of Action,” a campaign that seeks to turn children into extremist political activists.

Fox News recently reported that the school promotes critical race theory books and that the board of trustees, of which Jackson has been a member since 2019, is “involved with executing their ‘anti-racism action plan.’”

One section of the school website, archived here, displays that Georgetown Day School recently hosted Dr. Denisha Jones, a critical race theorist, to indoctrinate pre-K students with the corrosive left-wing theory. Jones joined the children via Zoom to discuss the guiding principles of Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action, where Jones has been a member of the steering committee since 2017. 

The Georgetown Day School website includes a link to a Google Drive folder containing several graphics associated with the Week of Action, which described the mission of the campaign.

One graphic explains that one of the Week of Action’s principles is to be “Transgender Affirming,” which means working to “dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk.” One of the principles is also titled “Black Villages.” The poster continues “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.”

Another document in the folder is titled “Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles,” and is specifically noted as “Kid-friendly.” One of the principles is “globalism.”

Yet another document outlines the demands of the campaign, among which are “fund counselors not cops” and “mandate black history and ethnic studies.”

Jones has also openly defended critical race theory. In a panel discussion, called “In Defense of Critical Race Theory,” Jones remarked that “Without critical race theory, people will fall back on those old tropes that we know continue to harm students.” Jones, who has promoted black trans prostitutes on Twitter, also took part in an event titled “Standing Up To CRT Attacks: Strategies and Actions.”

Jones is also an editor of a book called “Black Lives Matter At Schools,” which received glowing praise from various critical race theorists. Michael Bennet, author of “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable,” called it “a playbook for undoing institutional racism,” while the infamous Ibram X. Kendi described it as an “essential resource.”

Neither Georgetown Day School Head Russell Shaw nor Denisha Jones returned a request for comment.