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The ‘State Of The Union’ Is A Disaster, So Biden Gave A Campaign Speech Instead

After a year in the Oval Office, Biden has nothing to show but a column full of ‘L’s’ and a teleprompter full of more empty promises.


The American people — or at least a room full of lawmakers and the journalists who were required to tune in — watched Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. What they heard, however, wasn’t a report on the state of our union but another bucket of empty teleprompter promises for Biden’s year two.

That’s because the majority of Biden’s full hour-long address reverbed like a tired campaign speech. It covered all the things Biden and his Democrat friends are going to do — because if you hadn’t noticed, everything he has done in one year (i.e. the actual “state of the union”) is an unmitigated disaster.

“I’ll sign it.” “I have a better plan.” “We have to fix it.” “We’ll also cut costs and keep the economy going strong.” “I will soon send Congress a request.” “And soon, we’ll strengthen the Violence Against Women Act.” “We need to secure the border and fix the immigration system.” This is just a handful of the endless promises Biden made while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rose for ill-timed standing ovations behind him.

Although it’s always a rose-colored rendition, the State of the Union is typically a chance for the sitting president to rally the proverbial troops and do a victory lap, touting all his fulfilled campaign promises and reciting his year-in-review successes. It makes sense, then, that Biden’s speech had nothing of substance to recite.

His year-in-review includes a deadly and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, an embarrassing branding of parents as domestic terrorists, record-high inflation, a humanitarian crisis and sky-high apprehensions on our southern border, failed policy priorities, medical coercion, energy dependence on our foreign adversaries, skyrocketing crime, a drug overdose crisis, and more.

Biden’s short track record is so bad, in fact, that the few things he said on Tuesday about what he has done since taking office were lies. He said former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts helped only the rich, that the millions of Americans returning to work after lockdowns were jobs that Biden himself “created,” that our economy “roared back” faster than almost anyone expected, and that buying American-manufactured products is a priority, among other obvious whoppers.

Biden’s State of the Union Address didn’t address the state of the union at all. Americans, however, didn’t need a presidential speech to know that our union is in dire straights. They have gas prices, empty shelves, wanted ads, masked children, and deadbolts for that.

Actually, Vice President Kamala Harris better summed up the actual state of the union when she admittedly “went off script a little bit” earlier this week: “Elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want — and in this case, they got what they asked for.”

In this case, Americans voted for a rapidly declining septuagenarian with an abysmal track record in both Congress and the executive branch who was an obvious Trojan Horse for the agenda of the radical left — and as Harris said, they got it.

After a full year in the Oval Office, Biden has nothing to show for his efforts but a column full of “L’s” and a teleprompter full of more empty promises.