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GoFundMe’s Grab For Trucker Convoy Donations Proves Just How Evil Tech Companies Can Be

freedom convoy in Canada
Image CreditABC News / YouTube

GoFundMe proved what we knew to be true about tech companies: They will gladly collude with governments to silence dissenters and smear peaceful protesters as extremists.


GoFundMe’s grab for the money raised by the Freedom Convoy exposes just how evil tech companies that do the bidding of government tyrants can be.

In response to concerns by Canadian officials who openly despise the mass trucker protest against the vaccine mandate and called protesters racists, GoFundMe announced on Friday that the truckers who raised millions of dollars from people around the world would be cut off from the funds. GoFundMe announced that instead, it would be stealing the funds collected by the Freedom Convoy account to redistribute to its own inevitably leftist charities.

Facing legal backlash from Florida and Texas for its corrupt actions, GoFundMe backtracked its threat and agreed to return the donations, but the fundraising site shouldn’t be let off the hook. GoFundMe proved what many Americans already knew to be true about tech companies: They will gladly collude with governments to silence dissenters and smear peaceful protesters as extremists.

The social media platforms that were once hailed as great tools for promoting civic engagement and activism have transformed into tyrannical instruments for subduing dissenting opinions and movements.

In just the last two years, Big Tech has morphed into the biggest enemy of the people and free speech by censoring discussions about Anthony Fauci and the origins of COVID-19, quelling coverage of Biden family corruption, silencing critics of election fraud, and deplatforming Donald Trump while he was still the sitting U.S. president.

The Federalist and other conservative organizations have endured fake “fact checks” commissioned by Big Tech and executed by propaganda organizations with leftist and communist ties. Pro-life organizations, charities supporting sick children, and others have also suffered censorship at the hands of these companies that work in tandem to silence them.

These companies routinely choose strong-arm tactics to get what they and the government want. It’s a strategy eerily similar to communist China’s. When it comes to censoring people, Big Tech is more often than not prompted, encouraged, and celebrated by the Biden administration and Democrats, who throw around buzzwords like “misinformation” and “insurrection” to sanitize their iron-fisted efforts and demonize their opponents.

Now protesters in Canada are facing the same tyranny from GoFundMe, which has stood ready to answer the call of government to shut down dissidents. Already Ottawa government officials are setting up the truckers, who are protesting for freedom in the heart of a province ruled by vaccine mandates, to be further persecuted by the government.

Using the same excuses employed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan Jan. 6 committee to justify targeting Americans, members of the Ottawa government are smearing the freedom convoy as a “nationwide insurrection.” As a result, hundreds of people were ticketed and others arrested for participating in what has been a largely peaceful demonstration against Canada’s hunger for despotism.

Diane Deans, the chair of the city’s police services board not only said protesters are “a threat to our democracy,” but claimed they were “emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government.”

Videos and pictures from the protest, however, show a different scene. Law enforcement officers seized gasoline cans from protesters and said that anyone “attempting to bring material supports to demonstrators could be subject to arrest.”

Ottowa Police even encouraged people to report the convoy to the city’s “hate crime hotline,” which received more than 150 calls on Friday.

Just days before the authoritarian arrest frenzy, Ottawa police praised GoFundMe for “listening to our concerns as a City” by stealing the funds raised by the Freedom Convoy to redistribute to its own causes.

GoFundMe may have backed down for now, but the Freedom Convoy truckers should expect more opposition, more censorship, more corruption, and more evil from the tech companies that have proved they’re ready and more than willing to do the government’s authoritarian bidding.