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The Jan. 6 Select Committee Is Exploitative Theater And Must End Now

The Jan. 6 investigation is clearly a politically motivated fishing expedition, not a serious search for the truth.


The corrupt collection of politicians in Washington, D.C., that seems to dominate Congress is often entirely useless to We the People. In fact, most of the time they are actively harmful to our nation. But while their misplaced priorities are nothing new, the biggest crock currently going has got to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee to exploit the events of Jan. 6, 2021, for political gain.

Of course, this waste of taxpayer money is being carried out in part with the assistance of a few Benedict Arnolds. “Republican” Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — who also helped Democrats and the media spread anti-Trump hoaxes about Russian collusion — have been all too happy to help Pelosi and her con artist sidekick Rep. Adam Schiff investigate their political opponents and mislead Americans. Cheney and Kinzinger seem to believe it will help them make money after their terms in Congress are over.

This investigation is clearly a politically motivated fishing expedition, not a serious search for the truth. A real investigation would hold the FBI accountable for failing to identify and apprehend the person caught on camera in the hours before Jan. 6 planting bombs outside the national headquarters of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. A real investigation would help the public understand why Ray Epps was removed from an FBI wanted list even as videos show him repeatedly urging people to go into the Capitol. A real investigation would also seek to answer questions about the actions of those in charge of protecting the Capitol that day, and in particular, why some officers appeared to welcome protesters inside the doors.

Instead, Democrats and a few good-for-nothing “Republicans” are using taxpayer money to harass former Trump staffers and regular citizens with political views they don’t like. Democrats are subpoenaing their phone records, demanding their private messages, and making them public.

This is a political hit job, and here’s why that’s obvious: Marxist BLM rioters and spoiled socialist Antifa brats have not been targeted with the same vigor and spite that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and FBI have unleashed toward those arrested and indefinitely detained for their actions on Jan. 6, 2021. In 2020, rioters caused billions of dollars of damage in cities across our country and injured or killed dozens of police officers. Have they been arrested or prosecuted? Hardly. And what about the Antifa insurrectionists who laid siege to a federal courthouse in Seattle for nights on end, using lasers, rocks, and other weapons against federal law enforcement officers? How many of them have been sentenced to years in prison or subjected to solitary confinement?

With authoritarian leftists running America, equal treatment under the law and blind justice is not the rule. That’s why it’s so disgusting to see feckless politicians such as Arizona’s Mark Kelly spend his time in the U.S. Senate licking the slippers of Democrat leader Chuck Schumer. If we don’t save our country, we will lose it. But Kelly only concerns himself with doing the bidding of Joe Biden and the AOC- and Ilhan Omar-run Democrat Party.

The political game that is the Jan. 6 Committee should end immediately, and the House and Senate should actually get to work and clean up Biden’s messes: the ongoing invasion of our southern border, the supply-chain crisis, the inflation crisis, and the spending crisis. But don’t hold your breath — none of this will happen until Arizonans and other God-fearing patriots around the country send real fighters to Washington to represent the people’s interests.

We must take back the U.S. Senate this year, and that starts with showing Schumer-loving, Marxist-enabling Mark Kelly the door. Even now, Kelly is working to further the destruction of our country by supporting the Democrat scheme to get rid of the Senate’s filibuster rule and force through so-called “voting rights” legislation. This dangerous bill is a federal takeover of elections nationwide that will make it easier for Democrats to commit voter fraud by banning states from requiring voter ID and forcing states to adopt automatic voter registration, even though it will inevitably lead to non-citizens being registered to vote.

Democrats recently admitted they are exploiting the anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot to push this power grab. Their plan is to weaken the security and integrity of our elections, continue to allow the mass invasion of illegals from around the world across our southern border, and make it impossible to know who is actually voting, all in the hopes of cementing their political authority and changing America forever.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. It’s time to take our country back. In Arizona’s August Republican primary and the November election, please join me in fighting to save our country.