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Vaccine Segregation And Quarantine Camps Are Flashing Warnings To Stop Covid Insanity Before It’s Too Late


Liberty-loving Americans were astounded when President Biden announced a mandate for all federal employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated. His attempt to run roughshod over the Constitution has been impeded by lawsuits escalated to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is stacked with a majority of GOP appointees.

While patriots battle these draconian measures through domestic judicial channels, a watchful eye must be kept on the forced vaccination laws subsuming Europe in medical tyranny. Europe is the wolf at the door of America’s freedom of choice for vaccines, with Democrats likely to point to the false efficacy of forced vaccination as an excuse to ignore the Constitution.

In Austria, COVID-19 vaccines have become compulsory, and a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” has partitioned society into classes of jabbed and unjabbed. In Greece, those older than 60 without a vaccine are fined €100 ($112) a month.

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Slovenia have all introduced vaccine passports. In Lithuania, speakeasies and “Soviet-style markets” have opened to sell groceries to those incapable of entering stores without showing a vaccine passport. Now Germany intends to violate their Nuremberg Code, introducing a “de facto Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated” and possibly mandating vaccines.

Retired doctor David Lloyd has demanded the United Kingdom lock down indefinitely, and fine daily those unable or unwilling to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Suddenly, YouGov polling — a company founded by former UK vaccines minister Nadim Zahawi — materialized to claim a majority of Brits support forcing people into Covid vaccine booster shots.

Like Biden,Lloyd claims the UK’s state-funded health-care service is burdened by the unvaccinated. But according to the government’s own statistics, most people who died with COVID-19 in the last month were double-vaccinated and the UK has a 68 percent vaccination rate.

Reasons to be Suspect

When those who would revoke our freedom (supposedly for our own safety) ignore natural immunity and waning vaccine efficacy, any argument for vaccine mandates becomes suspicious. But why would world leaders lie?

Well, first of all, there’s no money in natural immunity, but there is in expanding the customer base for vaccines and making taxpayers pay for booster shots in perpetuity. Pfizer is the fifth most popular stock owned by U.S. congressmen. Pfizer’s political action committee donated to 228 lawmakers and ran ads on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN last year.

In January, senators and their aides were caught insider-trading on Moderna stock, which surged 372 percent in price. The company made Forbes’ “400 Rich List” last year due to vaccine sales. Extorting the population to fund a medical treatment they must get to buy goods and services is lucrative for pharmaceutical companies and their investors.

Secondly: vaccination requirements are a selection process for compliance. Just as “Defund the Police” movements made principled cops walk off the job, firing frontline workers for their medical status weeds out those the state cannot rely on to violate the constitutional rights of citizens when “just following orders.”

Yet even among such corruption and political machinations, America’s constitutional protections (the envy of the world) pose a unique impediment to vaccination segregation. Lloyd facetiously asked, is “France an undemocratic country?” concerning its use of mandatory vaccination for children. Well, historically, no, it isn’t.

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s “Social Contract” conceives rights as given by the government — not recognized and protected — thus allowing the government to rescind them at any time. This belief in government as progenitor — rather than guardian — of rights, is replicated in Germany’s philosophical tradition: with Friedrich Hegel decreeing that obeying the state provides “the very conditions in which Freedom is realized.”

This line of thinking is why the French revolution differed from America’s; why Germany birthed Marxism and Nazism in the span of a century; and why Europe is now subject to forced vaccination. The American experiment is unique and a bulwark against the tyranny seen overseas.

Don’t Forget Genocides

Not to invoke Godwin’s law, but you would have thought Austria and Germany would be wary of demonizing, segregating, and forcibly medicating sections of their population after the Nazi and Soviet horrors perpetrated in their countries. Shockingly, it appears they aren’t.

The Parasite Stress Hypothesis finds the presence of infectious disease in nations with low sanitation is a prerequisite to authoritarianism. States enforce conformist social policies to reduce transmission, or “stop the spread.” Minority groups are scapegoated as harbingers of pestilence, with propaganda depicting them as rats, fleas, or parasites. Under communism, the Ukrainian Holodomor killed millions of people with the justification that they were “pariahs, untouchables, vermin.”

In other words, there is historical precedent to the claim that demonizing your fellow man as a socially irresponsible bioweapon can precede genocide. We’re watching other frightening prerequisites move into place as well.

Australia is setting up COVID quarantine camps, relocating people from their homes in towns with regional outbreaks. Guards are stationed to capture and return “people who escape.” No matter the “free wifi, nice food, and aircon” provided for detainees, internment at the camp is still involuntary for international arrivals on repatriation flights. A comfortable prison is still a prison.

Allow me to be clear: Australia is not at this moment conducting a genocide against the unvaccinated. But forcibly isolating people based on their perceived uncleanliness was indeed a precursor to the genocides of the 20th century. We should be sounding alarm bells that the wisdom of history has been forgotten and that we are again stampeding human rights in an overreaction to fear.

We Must Act

Both in Europe and America, citizens have been subject to campaigns of state-sponsored scaremongering. The UK spent millions in taxpayer cash on advertisements designed to elevate people’s perceived level of personal threat from Covid, so they would comply with the one of strictest lockdowns in the world.

In the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highest-paid federal employee, admitted he lied about mask policy to ration supplies. Elites admit they have no qualms engaging in deception to coerce us to “do what [we’re] told” by whatever “competent authority” demands it. We must not fall prey to this fear campaign that teaches us to hate our neighbors for their medical decisions.

It’s unlikely the dozens of lawsuits against Biden’s plan will win the war on Covid authoritarianism in every state. For example, New York has instituted vaccine mandates under threat of unemployment for health-care staff and introduced vaccine passports for restaurants and bars. Only 10 states have successfully blocked mandatory vaccinations for health-care workers so far.

In the spirit of the Founding Fathers, individual measures must be taken to oppose state coercion. Americans must catch the “freedom flu” and walk off the job until their colleagues — vaccinated, immune, or otherwise — can live unimpeded lives. We’ll see how quickly the definition of “essential workers” is expanded to the entire economy when supply lines run dry out of protest against Covid fascism.